Kid’s History Project – Finding a Lost Nazi Aircraft

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Talk about digging around for an “A” on your homework: Daniel Kristiansen in Denmark was assigned a history project. Rather than do an ordinary boring report, Daniel’s father Klaus suggested they hunt around their yard for an old Nazi aircraft that crashed on their property that his  grandfather told them about. They thought it was one of those wild goose chases told by a family member who liked to talk, but maybe it would be fun to look around.

The Grandfather, who is now deceased, assumed the plane was picked up by the Germans after it crashed. The family wasn’t sure they believed the story in the first place.


At first they didn’t find much, as they were using shovels. Then they got a metal detector.

According to the CS Monitor:

When it beeped – and hand shovels yielded nothing – they borrowed a neighbor’s backhoe, turning up thousands of metal fragments, a Daimler-Benz aircraft engine, and, eventually, what appears to be the bones and uniform of a German pilot, likely from nearby Aalborg Air Base.

Kristiansen, who has lived on the farm for more than 40 years, now concedes that his grandfather was right with this particular story.

“Some of them were not true, and some of them were true – but this one was true,” he told the BBC. “Maybe I should have listened to him a bit more when he was alive!”

The airplane had never been removed by German troops, as Klaus’s grandfather assumed. Sunk into the marshy soil and covered with grass, it lay waiting for discovery by his great-grandson.

The plane was about 12 feet down.

“In the first moment it was not a plane. It was maybe 2,000 – 5,000 pieces of a plane. And we found a motor…then suddenly we found parts of bones, and parts from [the pilot’s] clothes.

And then we found some personal things: books, a wallet with money…either it was a little Bible or it was Mein Kampf — a book in his pocket. We didn’t touch it, we just put it in some bags. A museum is now taking care of it. I think there’s a lot of information in those papers.” Klaus Kristiansen

Ordnance disposal experts have removed the plane’s ammunition, and the Historical museum is examining the items. The small book- either a Bible or Mein Kampf- is being examined.  They are hopeful that the pilot can be identified even after 70+ years.

“Probably there is a pilot who will be buried now in Germany. I would hope so.” Klaus Kristiansen

That’s the way to get an A – dig up a 70 year old Nazi aircraft.

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