Kid Rock Says F*** Colin Kaepernick During Concert

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Kid Rock says exactly what he thinks. He’s thinking about running for the Senate in Michigan, as we previously reported. Last year, he did something in the middle of the song “Born Free” at Fenway Park that brought cheers from the audience. He said, “F*** Colin Kaepernick.” That was last year…this year the situation is even worse with the NFL.

You can hear Kid’s ‘message’ to Kaepernick at just over 50 seconds into this video:

For those of you who have been living the football dream (under a rock), some of the players of the NFL have decided to show “solidarity” with Kaepernick and take a knee or sit out the National Anthem this season as well as last. And Kaepernick was responsible for the NFL losing a big slice of their viewing audience. Not that they care.

Sports Illustrated reported on August 22,

“Last night in Cleveland, before the nationally broadcast preseason game between the Giants and Browns on “Monday Night Football,” a group of close to a dozen Browns players chose to take a knee during the national anthem. Among the group was Seth DeValve, a second-year tight end from Princeton, the first white player who has knelt for the anthem to show solidarity against racial injustices and discrimination in the United States.

When Kaepernick was first noticed kneeling for the anthem during a preseason game last summer, his gesture turned from a curiosity into a national dialogue. Even as the former 49ers quarterback explained the reasons behind his actions, it was the way he protested that became a hot-button issue, far more than the meaning behind it. Kaepernick has remained unsigned in the NFL since he and the 49ers parted ways, which makes the fact that the movement he started is gaining steam, not losing it, all the more remarkable…

Seattle’s Michael Bennett called for support from white players to help advance the movement, and before DeValve kneeled, Philadelphia’s Chris Long stood with his arm around teammate Malcolm Jenkins, Oakland’s Derek Carr did the same with Khalil Mack, and Seattle’s Justin Britt put his hand on the shoulder of a kneeling Bennett—all images, for a national audience, of support and inclusion.”

It’s not “remarkable,” it’s disgusting. Do YOU think their actions are about “support and inclusion?” Or is it severe disrespect to the flag and the men and women who fought and died for America? The anti-American sentiment of many of the NFL players is shameful. And Colin Kapernick is directly responsible, not for starting a “dialogue,” but for bringing shame on every protesting NFL team in the league.

Not maybe you understand why Kid Rock said “F*** Colin Kaepernick.”

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