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A articulate young Latino high school student, Kid Gadsden, took on a liberal teacher’s narrative in a class in the Hudson Valley School District about 4 weeks ago. After the teacher started talking loudly about Trump and demanded to know why he supported him, since “Trump hates Latinos,” the confrontation went downhill from there. His attempt to debate her fell on deaf ears, but those who have heard it are proud of this high school senior’s ability to get his point across. There is hope for America.

“She built up a persona of me, and that was what she debated instead of me. It was sort of like what a boxer does before he gets in the ring. She seemed to think I was skinhead or something and debated THAT.” Kid

Kid views himself a more of a Libertarian or “center-right” rather than extreme right wing. But the teacher wasn’t having it. She had him pegged in her narrative and she wasn’t about to change it.

When Kid stated that blacks were more likely to be killed by blacks than cops, the teacher accused him of incorrect statistics made up by the establishment. When he responded with “So the FBI statistics are wrong, then?”

She quickly remarked “Do you know how much coverup is in the FBI?.. So you’re always going to get information from the Establishment that is seeded with white supremacists…”

White Supremacists. The race card. Kid’s response was: “OMG, seriously?”

[Note: The FBI statistics are gathered from every police agency in the United States. None of them come from the FBI itself. Just sayin’.]

She went on to claim that cops kill blacks with “impunity.” Kid tried to explain to her that was incorrect, but she still refused to listen.

She started talking about “domestic terrorists,” and used the Las Vegas shooter as her example. He attempted to let her know about the black man in Missouri who killed 8 people including a police officer, but her mind was made up.

He says that up until the confrontation, the class had been pretty “professional,” so the whole thing took him by surprise.

Kid Gadsden told us he was given a 30 day suspension when the school found out about the video, but also said it appears the teacher may have received one as well, as she only returned to school on Monday. He said, “She’s been pretty quiet since she got back.” 

He told us he went into “black out” for a while, and is now contacting news media who wished to speak with him. He has already been interviewed by InfoWars. He is set to graduate from high school in June, and he has a promising future for being able to use his mind in a logical manner.

We asked him if he had a message for our followers:

“Don’t be ashamed of your position, political or otherwise. You may or may not cause the liberals to change, but the people who see it might. You need to keep your cool too- when you get angry and debate from that position they can pin stuff on you. 

 And I want to tell right wing youth: You’re not alone out there.” Kid Gadsden

We did not use his real name, nor the name of the teacher for his own protection. But we wish him the very best as he navigates the minefield of liberal instructors both in high school and upcoming college.

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