Kenyans Refuse to be Separated During Terror Attack

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Kenyans  Refuse to be separated

When al-Shabaab terrorists ambushed a bus in northeast Kenya, they demanded that Christians and Muslims separate. The tactic is used to kill Christians regularly, as militants usually demand people be able to recite the Qu’ran.  But this time, something happened- the Muslims refused to separate themselves from the Christians, in effect shielding them from death.

 kenyans refuse

The Muslims on a Makkah Bus refused to be separated from the Kenyan Christians

What happened was unusual

The BBC reported,

They told the militants “to kill them together or leave them alone”, a local governor told Kenyan media…

The passengers on the bus showed great bravery, but there was another quality revealed by their surprising decision to stand up to the gunmen: Frustration.

The majority of the local population in the north-east are Kenyan Muslims of Somali descent, and they have been hit hard by the consequences of al-Shabab attacks, even if non-Muslims are supposedly the main target of the Somali militant group.

An attack last year in Mandera, in which Christians were killed after being separated from Muslims, caused the departure of more than 2,000 teachers, as well as many health workers who had come from other parts of the country.

Perhaps the passengers felt that the region could simply not afford another such attack.



al-Shabaab left when faced with unity

al-Shabaab hits Northeast Kenya on a frequent basis. This attack took place near the town of El Wak on the border of Somalia. The bus was travelling from Nairobi to Mandera.

One person tried to run away as soon as the militants demanded the people be separated, but he was shot dead. After the Muslims’ display of unity with the Christians, they decided to leave.

Whether or not this will spur the local Muslims to start standing against the Islamists or not is problematical. But it’s a start. Being a Christian in a predominately Muslim area is hazardous at best. What these Kenyan Muslims did shows some solidarity with fellow Kenyans.


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