Kentucky Governor Warned to “Take A Step Back” After Threatening Christians

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Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear issued a statement that any person going to any in person Easter service would have their license numbers taken and then they would be forced into quarantine for 14 days. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) told him to “Take a step back.” It’s only one of the Draconian measures being taken by many states during this pandemic.

UPDATE: A Kentucky judge granted a Louisville church the right to hold drive-in services on Easter.

“Taking license plates at church? Quarantining someone for being Christian on Easter Sunday? Someone needs to take a step back here.” Sen Rand Paul stated, who is also a medical doctor. Senator Paul recovered from COVID-19 and is currently volunteering at a hospital.

The Democrat Kentucky Governor announced his plan on Friday. The state “will be recording the license plates of those who show up to any mass gatherings and provide that information to the local health departments, who will in turn order those individuals to be quarantined for 14 days.” Then state health departments will show up at homes of the license owners and serve them with a quarantine order. (Gateway Pundit)

This is out of control. Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, is the pinnacle of Christianity. Senator Paul told the Kentucky governor to take a step back, but the Governor bragged about being down to seven churches that are planning services.

“I think we’re down to seven churches statewide that are thinking about having an in-person service…

…I think it’s not a test of faith whether you’re going to an in-person service, it’s a test of faith that you’re willing to sacrifice to protect your fellow man, your fellow woman, your fellow Kentuckian, and your fellow American.” Gov Beshear

So let’s think about this. The Kentucky Governor  is automatically assuming that anyone who goes to an Easter Service will be infected with COVID-19.  That is not true, and any modicum of “social distancing” within the audience would mitigate the potential for infections. Most churches have set up their own restrictions. And what is his definition of “mass gatherings?” What does his dictatorial mind classify as “mass”?

In some states, people are restricted from buying ANYTHING that is not “essential” even in a grocery store. California has restricted any elderly people from going into a Walmart, according to some friends – they have to have a daughter buy their groceries. Some states are arresting people for simply sitting in their car listening to a sermon with the windows rolled up in a church parking lot. This must stop and stop soon.

Featured photo: screenshot of Senator Rand Paul and Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear


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  • dannysutton

    We The People ?????? tells the government what to do……..

    • Josh staley

      Is this not a Christian nation anymore or are we just a melting pot full of godless heathens

  • War

    and the day shall come when brother will rise against brother. Woe unto those who claim evil for good and good for evil. Nothing that can be shaken will stand.

  • Lisel Sipes

    This is what happens when a person with a low mentality gets elected. He has been overcome by the power given him as a governor. It’s like giving a moron the keys to the kingdom! He should be replaced!

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