Kendall County AR-15 Owner Stops Stabbing Incident with Threat of Force

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Neighbors in Oswego Township in Kendall County, Illinois, began arguing on Monday, and one of them started stabbing the other “multiple times.” A witness ran to his home and got his AR-15, and threatened the man with the knife to stop. The attack stopped…with just the threat.

The witness reportedly has a firearm owner card and a concealed carry permit, not that it matters. His AR platform, ‘scary looking’ rifle was just the ticket to make the stabber stop. The victim is hospitalized, but his condition is unknown.

The Facebook post from the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office reads:

Sheriff’s Office Investigates Stabbing in Oswego Township.

On February 26, 2018, Kendall County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the 100 block of Harbor Drive, Oswego Township in reference to a third party report of a subject with a knife and another subject with a firearm. Upon arrival, deputies learned that a neighbor dispute lead to a subject armed with a knife inflicting multiple injuries to another during the dispute. A witness to the incident retrieved an AR-15 style rifle from their residence and was able to stop the attacker with only a threat of force. The witness possessed a valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID) and is a concealed carry firearm permit holder. The suspect fled the scene but was quickly located by responding officers. The suspect was taken into custody and transported to the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office where charges are pending at this time. The victim was transported to Rush-Copley Hospital in Aurora for treatment. The incident is still under investigation.

The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the Oswego Police Department, Montgomery Police Department, Aurora Police Department, Kane County Sheriff’s Office, Kendall County Criminal Intelligence Team, and the members of the public who assisted with our investigation.

The main left narrative is that AR platform guns are “killing machines” that should be left in the hands of the military. An AR is not an “assault rifle.” AR platform weapons are only SEMI-automatic weapons. They are not machine guns, contrary to the narrative of liberals everywhere. Though they look similar to a military style weapon, they are NOT the same.

This witness stopped an incident that might have resulted in death to the victim, and may yet do so, as the neighbor’s condition is unknown. But he stopped the stabber with an AR rifle and didn’t have to fire a shot. Good guy with a gun stopped violence. What a concept.

The comments on the Sheriff’s Office post revealed a lot of folks in Kendall County have ARs- which is the most popular rifle on the market. Here is just a sampling:

B. wrote:

Good Guy with a gun. What more is there to say? The man is a damn hero! A brave person and his AR15 saved a life tonight. Much to the lies of the main stream media. The AR15 is a worthy and viable platform for all aspects, including self-defense!

P. wrote:

Somehow a liberal will come along to explain that the AR15 style weapon is actually a bad thing and everyone would be better off if he didn’t have it and the neighbor was able to be stabbed to death… ?

S.P. wrote:

The AR-15 is a superior weapon for situations involving multiple assailants who may have firearms of their own. In a tactical situation, you bring superior firepower to overwhelm the attackers. Defense 101. 

People who ask “Why do you NEED an AR-15?” aren’t necessarily stupid, just misinformed.

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