Keith Ellison Tries to Tie Quebec Deaths to Trump

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Keith Ellison, the first Muslim member of Congress, says the attack on a Quebec Mosque was Donald Trump’s fault because he “greenlighted” hatred. Um, the men who committed that attack were not Trump supporters. Not even white supremacists. The attack appears to have been a Muslim on Muslim crime.

This coming from the guy who wants to run the Democrat National Committee. Yeah, that guy. And no, Donald Trump did not “greenlight hatred.”

Mr. Ellison apparently didn’t notice that the attack had nothing whatsoever do to with Donald Trump. But his hate-filled mantra is the same as all liberals: everything is Trumps’s fault even if it’s not. And people noticed this morning’s attempt to tie him to the attack:

We might as well get used to it. Ellison has called for mass disobedience, and said the ban was against Muslims (they all say that when it’s clearly only against certain COUNTRIES – many predominantly Muslim countries are not listed on the ban). Furthermore, it’s TEMPORARY.

Is calling for mass rallies against Trump an incitement to riot? Sounds like it to us.

Obama imposed a 6 month ban on people from Iraq after terrorists who used the refugee program to gain entrance to the US were found in Bowling Green, Kentucky, but no one is talking about that.

It’s still all Trump’s fault. Everything. Skittles. Rain. Snow. Terror attacks. Hot dogs. All Trump’s fault. Progressives, go home, you’re drunk.




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