Kavanaugh Confirmed to the Supreme Court! Cue the Snowflake Meltdown

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The Senate on Saturday confirmed Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court over and above all the hype we’ve all lived through the last several weeks. The vote was 50-48.

Police readied their zipties, and prepared for mass arrests as they shoved protesters back outside for the Senate vote. Around 100 people stayed put on the Capitol steps, risking arrests.

Police then began making arrests after advising them it was going to happen.  The “protesters” (remember paid at least $50 each for bail money by a Soros-funded group) chanted “We are not afraid” and “We believe survivors.” Some of them even said “thank you ” to the police for arresting them.

Dinesh D’Souza tweeted, “I’LL DRINK TO THAT: Reports are that beer sales are skyrocketing in the hours leading up to the historic

He also stated, “We can expect months of primal shrieking, pompous declarations, threats and the usual nonsense from the left. Ignore it. We won. They lost. That’s that #KavanaughConfirmation.”

Dinesh D’Souza sort of sounded like James Mattis in that statement. We won. They lost.

James Woods tweeted, “Nice to know all these Soros thugs bring [sic] arrested won’t be able to possess firearms anymore. Now the soy boys can go back to the welfare line and the chubby chicks can take care of their neglected cats.


Other Tweets:

“Imagine being that obsessively angry for fear you *may potentially* lose the right to murder your unborn child. Unbelievable. ??‍♂️ #KavanaughConfirmation”

“Looks like there may be a shortage of safe spaces for all the cry babies throwing their suckers in the dirt over the

Then the left is still at it:

@ktbresnahan tweeted – “Remember: Think globally, act locally. Punch a Republican in your neighborhood today.

That was classy.  But normal. The protesters were led away by police. After they post bail they’ll be back screeching about how the US just lost all women’s rights, and how morally bankrupt the country is that we don’t listen to rape survivors.

We believe survivors too, if they’re credible. None of these were. Period. They were coached by the left as a political “resist” statement.

Then there is this gem, which gives us the hint at the players in these circles:

The lack of morals and civility that exists on the left is so extreme, we won’t be surprised if they malfunction even more and violence comes as a result. All of them are threatening to vote. So are we. May their plans for voter fraud come to nothing and a red tsunami arrive on November 6.

Featured photo: Protesters being arrested by Capitol Police.

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