Kate Morgan Says Men Probably Deserve to be Murdered

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There appears to be no end to the love and tolerance of the left (sarcasm), and especially feminist-critic-filmmakers like Kate Morgan. In a since deleted tweet, she stated,

“Be well advised, world, if you have a penis, you probably deserve to be murdered.”

She deleted her comment, but of course, the Internet is forever, and it was archived.

Some of the responses were classic, one of which was an Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children meme:

And these gems:

She tried to justify her “shocking comment” with this posting on Facebook:

The problem with Morgan’s rationale is that murder and rape are two separate offenses. And her justification for the nasty comment about men is wacky. But Cytonia Brown, a child sex trafficking victim who murdered the pedophile who captured her,  may also be eligible for release since the laws governing cases like hers have changed now.  After Fox 17 news brought attention to her case, many have come to her defense in an attempt to get her conviction overturned. Once again, a liberal is trying to compare ‘apples to oranges.’

Doesn’t mean if you have a “penis you probably deserve to be murdered.”

A quick read through her twitter account finds the admission that she was once violated by a man who was in seminary, which is why she apparently hates 1) “Abrahamic religion,” and 2) most men. She acknowledges that there are “some” good men. She calls herself Socialist these days, when she reportedly was once a “90s Democrat.” She spends an inordinate time on Twitter, “conversing” (i.e. saying whatever she wants) with all sorts of people.


She is right about one thing: Bernie Sanders,  who once wrote an essay called Man — and Woman in which he stated that women fantasize about being gang raped. Seriously.  You can’t make this stuff up.


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