Kansas City- Twelve Year Old Witness to Shooting Gets Surprise from Investigating Officer

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Kansas City- Being a witness to any shooting, even if it’s nonfatal, can be traumatizing for a child. Blue Lives Matter reported that twelve year old Noah not only witnessed a shooting, but his bike was stolen off his front porch in a separate incident. Officer Ashley Wilson encountered him at the scene of the shooting.

“I was talking with him on scene and he was telling me all about his dreams of being an FBI agent… He was so eager to help and to be a vital piece of the investigation.” Officer Ashley Wilson

Noah mentioned that the weather was perfect for riding a bike, but he couldn’t do that anymore because his bike was stolen off the front porch. Officer Wilson noted the disappointment in the boy’s face and decided to do something.

On February 20, Officer Wilson told her partner Officer Millie Gray that they needed to make a special stop at Walmart as they began their shift.

They picked out the “perfect set of wheels” and took the new bike to Noah’s house.

“He was ecstatic!” Officer Wilson told Blue Lives Matter. “The look [on his face] was priceless, and it made my heart so happy!”

“When we delivered it, he kept pinching his little arm and saying, ‘Is this really happening?!?!’” Officer Gray wrote in her post.

“The joy in his eyes spoke volumes,” Officer Wilson wrote. “He’s going to change the world someday. I’m happy I was able to give such a truly priceless gift. The gift of selflessness.”

And it wasn’t just the officers and Noah who were left grinning that day. The little boy’s family was stunned when they learned about the officer’s generous gift.

Blue Lives Matter

The thing about this story is that police officers around the country often conduct precious acts just like this one. Officer Wilson and Officer Gray got so much joy out of doing this, that they have decided to do it more often. They’ve even enlisted some of their colleagues and community members to help them accomplish more for those they meet in the course of their duties.

Whether it’s rescuing a dog at great risk to themselves when it has fallen through the ice in Ogden New York, or giving groceries to an elderly person or chopping wood for them, police officers do “random acts of kindness” on a regular basis. As others call for them to be murdered.

Twelve year old Noah may be going to change the world someday, but police officers can change the world daily, one person at a time.

Featured photo: screenshot via Blue Lives Matter

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