Kamala Says Riots are “Coalition of Conscience” – Slave Owner in Her Own History

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So let’s look a bit at Kamala Harris. The woman who put numerous marijuana offenders in the slammer as DA. The woman who is so ambitious she’s willing to use sex as a way to get ahead. The woman whose ancestor reportedly was a slave owner in Jamaica. The woman who spoke on Wednesday about the “coalition of conscience” as the rioters burn and loot their way across America.

Coalition of Conscience.”

On Wednesday, after Joe Biden introduced her in their first joint campaign announcement, Harris said that the country is “crying out for leadership.” Then she called the current state of protests, riots, etc,  a “coalition of conscience.” It’s not a “cry” it’s willful destruction.

The case in point from Portland:

coalition of conscience

Screenshot via Twitter @ElijahSchaffer of protesters throwing smoke bombs and fireworks at police so they couldn’t advance

And of course, the rioters moved back to the Portland Federal courthouse on Wednesday and continued to start fires. But Kamala Harris says it’s a new “coalition of conscience.” No, it’s the destruction of America.

So who’s “conscience” was she referring to? Her own? Does she have one? Her own ancestor was a slave owner, according to research done by Dinesh D’ Souza. Should she pay “reparations?”

Anyone who lived in the early 1800s could have been a slave owner, even in other countries like Jamaica. That was then, this is now.

“Here are the names of the 200+ slaves owned by Kamala Harris’ ancestor Hamilton Brown in Jamaica in 1817. One of the largest planters in Jamaica, Brown now has a town named after him, Brown’s Town…

…The slaveowners son took up with a free black woman and that’s how Christiana Brown, Kamala’s great grandmother, was born… Donald Harris’ grandmother was a white Irish woman, Christiana Brown, and the slaveowner Hamilton Brown was her father. ” Dinesh D’ Souza Tweets

Update: just a note: Kamala’s mother was from India, in a privileged caste system.

History Lesson:

In that period of time, slave owners weren’t just white. Africans who sold slaves to traders weren’t often white – including Muslim slave traders. There were Black slave owners like William Ellison who owned 53 of them in this country.

Not all slaves were brought to the US, only a small percentage came here, the others to South America and the Caribbean.  Every culture in history has had slavery, from Greeks to Romans to Africa to America. Libya and Syria still have slaves. Only roughly 25% of Southerners actually held slaves in the Confederacy, according to an article about the myths of Slavery from 2017. The first Blacks actually came to America as explorers before 1619 (sorry NYT), not slaves, according to Professor Daina Ramey Berry, who wrote the article on the myths of slavery.

Slavery was an evil thing- no human being should ever be sold into forced servitude. But we have to have a solid perspective here: Kamala Harris is using that narrative to push a radical agenda. It’s not a ‘coalition of conscience’ that is fueling the riots and major destruction.

Featured photo: Screenshot via NBC


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