Justice Clarence Thomas at Hillsdale College – Duty, Honor, Country

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Justice Clarence Thomas at Hillsdale College – Duty, Honor, Country

Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas was the commencement speaker at Hillsdale College in Michigan, as reported in an article by the Washington Examiner. The wisdom in his words was something we had to share. He encouraged students to uphold duty, honor,country.

The response of Justice Thomas to harm is to preach good, good for all, good for all the same… Hillsdale College President

clarence thomas

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Justice Thomas was born in a shack in Pinpoint, Georgia. There was no bathroom, no electricity except light in the kitchen. He was a “proximate” descendant of slaves…and yet, he believes deeply that the Constitution must stand solidly through time as a sort of beacon, calling to all of us to become good citizens.

And as one of the few remaining Conservatives on the Supreme Court, his wisdom rings loud and clear.

Duty, Honor, Country

Even though his upbringing was in racially segregated Georgia, Justice Thomas remembers what his grandfather taught him: Duty, Honor, Country. He spoke about his Grandfather:

“He knew that though not nearly perfect, our constitutional ideals were perfectible if we worked to protect them rather than to undermine them. Don’t discard that which is precious along with that which is tainted.”

Ensuring Liberty

Thomas told the students that they should exercise their duty as citizens daily, rather than complain about everything and try to change the world.

I resist what seems to be some formulaic or standard fare at commencement exercises, some broad complaint about societal injustice and at least one exhortation to the young graduates to go out and solve the stated problem or otherwise to change the world. Having been where you are, I think it is hard enough for you to solve your own problems, not to mention those problems that often seem to defy solution. In addressing your own obligations and responsibilities in the right way, you actually help to ensure our liberty and our form of government.

A world gone mad

Justice Thomas is a man who believes that the Constitution matters in America, and that America can live up to its principles. He does not agree with the hordes of protesters, the rioting, the constant complaining of  others, and the penchant for political correctness.

“Do not hide your faith and your beliefs under a bushel basket, especially in this world that seems to have gone mad with political correctness.”

The speech starts at about 6:03 into this video.

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