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In WeAreTheMighty, we found a short fan film that rocks Jurassic Park from the perspective of a military extraction team. Ok the article that went with it wasn’t bad either, but it was the 25 minute fan flick that kept us on the edge of our seats. Of course, there’s a surprise or two in it.

Entitled “Jurassic World Exodus,” it has all the elements of the original movie. It’s about a military extraction from the Dinosaur Island in Costa Rica, done with many real military veterans, and adds realism that regular movies often do not have. Some of the actors were novices, some were military…but they obviously had a great time even though the schedule was said to be “grueling.”

“The craziest thing we could do for this franchise was to fly people and equipment to Hawaii and try to tell a story that has all the elements people love about “Jurassic Park but from a tactical military perspective,” producer and Army veteran Gregory Wong to We Are The Mighty.

We Are The Mighty reported,

The cast and crew had 5 days to get every shot they needed on the island. Like any indie filmmakers could attest, it meant a brutal schedule. Dogs of War helped with three locations and active duty service members stationed on the island helped transport cast and crew — and jumped in for stunts and background work.

Force Reconnaissance Marine Travis Haley, along with his company, Haley Strategic, was involved with development of prototype gear and equipment just for the film. Haley brought his Spec Ops background and weapons expertise to the film, and he got to learn first-hand how challenging it can be to navigate the military-Hollywood divide.

His knowledge brought authenticity to the film that’s often difficult for filmmakers to get right. Military operations might not always look dynamic on film, but Haley was up to the challenge of portraying realistic tactics while telling an entertaining story.

Don’t forget the T-Rex. And the velociraptors. Scientists tell us they should have had feathers and bright colors, but d***it, big dark, fast lizard looking monsters are scarier.

They rocked the entertainment part. The acting’s not too bad either. Take a look:

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