Judge – Military Must Accept Transgenders Beginning Jan 1

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Even though President Trump tried to ban transgenders from the US Military, Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly ordered the Armed Forces to begin accepting them as of January 1, which reverts to the Obama policy. The judge ruled that there was no reason to delay it as the Trump Administration had requested.

The rules as reported by IJR:

The new guidelines would allow transgender individuals to enlist — if after 18 months, a medical provider attests they’ve remained stable after transitioning — but give the military authority to deny individuals with gender dysphoria, and those who underwent medical treatments associated with their transition, according to Bloomberg.

“Due to the complexity of this new medical standard, trained medical officers will perform a medical prescreen of transgender applicants for military service who otherwise meet all applicable applicant standards,” Pentagon spokesman David Eastburn said.

But the issue of transgenders in the military is a complicated one, with some in support, and others vehemently opposed. Did you catch the term “complexity of the new medical standard?”

Military.com reported,

A Rand Corp. study estimated there are between 2,500 and 7,000 transgender service members on active duty and an additional 1,500 to 4,000 in the Reserves and National Guard.

The case against the administration was brought by GLBTQ Legal Advocates and Defenders [GLAD] and the National Center for Lesbian Rights [NCLR].

The advocacy groups sued in August on behalf of six active-duty transgender service members who had come out to their superiors and had roughly 60 years combined in the military.

Examples of transgender troops

The review of such rules is extremely mixed. Rick Ferran, aka Tank, had this to say:

“There is no honest explanation for transgenders in our Military. The Military is lowering their standards of quality to appease .6% of the population- it comes with heavy penalties that not only our troops will have to pay, but also ourselves.

We have 22 veterans committing suicide every day.  Let’s remember that  transgenders are prone to suicide and mental issues as well as physical disabilities…those issues will require hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical benefits, when we have wounded Veterans who may not receive the best prosthetic because our Military doesn’t have the funds.

How about the hundreds of thousands of citizens who have had some type of physical surgery but have been able to pass all the physical requirements and yet they can’t get a waiver?

What about citizens with tattoos? So a male with breast transplants can join, but not a male who has tattoos on his hands? Who makes these rules? I believe this is just another attack by progressive liberals to inundate our Military with people who have already compromised their mental state and are destroying a culture whose legendary attributes come from strong morale, discipline, and holding to the highest standards of  the best our Country can offer.

We should not lower the quality of our best, in favor of  the broken, handicapped or mentally disabled just to appease the few for the sake of “diversity.” If this does not stop, we will lose some of our bravest men and women,  diminishing the strength of what was once the greatest Military in the world.”  Rick Ferran


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