Judas: Cohen Testimony Riddled with Bitterness Against Trump. Dems Will Use it to Attempt Impeachment

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Lying Michael Cohen came up with some doozies in testimony against the President on Wednesday. As President Trump was in Vietnam trying to make peace with North Korea, Congress and his former lawyer were busily stabbing him in the back. Why would Democrats have a convicted liar testify? You guessed it – to make sure they had some ammo to attempt to impeach Trump.

In his hearing before the House Oversight committee, Cohen wrote in a written statement that Trump was a racist, conman, and cheat. Trump-hating celebrities celebrated, saying he “deserves a medal of honor.” Which was a ridiculous comparison for those who actually earned the award. But the gloating was apparent across the spectrum of Trump-haters.

Cohen was grilled about his bitterness against the President when they constantly asked him about not getting to be in the White House lawyer line-up. He claimed he was fine with it and was “proud” to be the attorney for the President. If that were true, he’d have kept the confidence of his client.

Instead, he blabbed about being told to lie about the Russian Trump Tower deal- but not directly, of course. When Mueller contradicted a Buzzfeed story about that lie, it was a huge story. But as usual, Cohen’s testimony brought it up again. We’ll just say the man is a convicted liar and leave it at that. He even claimed to have “irrefutable proof” that Trump broke the law. (Documents haven’t materialized yet).

Michael Cohen plans to cash in on his image, by the way. He’s been offered movie and book deals. If our culture had any integrity left, they’d have sent a huge PASS to him instead of offering money. It would be great if the court banned him from making money on a book or movie deal in his sentencing…just sayin’.

The NYpost reported:

During a contentious exchange with Virginia Foxx (R-NC), Cohen refused to pledge that he wouldn’t seek to exploit his infamy.

“​​So you don’t commit to changing your ways, basically, because you want to continue to use your background as a liar, a cheater, a convicted liar, to make money. That’s what you want to do?” Foxx asked.

“And that’s going to get me a book deal and a movie deal and a spot on television? I don’t think so,” Cohen replied.

When asked point-blank by Rep. Carol Miller (R-W.Va.) whether he would “pursue another book deal about your experiences,” Cohen answered, “Yes.”

Cohen also said that “I have been contacted by many, including for television, a movie,” and sarcastically suggested he could make casting suggestions.

“If you want to tell me who you would like to play you, I’m more than happy to write the name down,” he told Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.).

So basically, the President had to return from a failed summit with North Korea to a buzz saw at home thanks to a bitter, conniving, former lawyer.

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