JTF-GTMO Leader Fired for “Loss of Confidence”

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Rear Admiral John Ring was fired from his command at (JTF-GTMO) Guantanamo Bay on Saturday, after a month long investigation. Southcom declined to give details of the removal, other than it occurred during a meeting with Southcom Commander Admiral Craig Faller over the weekend. Ring was scheduled to rotate out of the position in June.

UPDATE: Ring was arrested for a DUI, which contributed to his removal, according to Military.com.

Rear Adm Ring rotated into the position of head of Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay in 2018. There are approximately 1,700 employees at the base, along with 40 detainees who were captured on the battlefield about 20 years ago.

Army Brig. General John Hussey will be acting commander until a replacement is chosen. Hussey was Ring’s deputy commander.

Stripes reported:

Ring has long touted the need for new facilities at the detention center on the small American base on Cuba’s southeastern coast. Last year, he said his primary goals at Guantanamo Bay included improving housing and other facilities for troops and convincing Congress to allocate funds to build a new detention facility for Guantanamo’s high-value detainees. He described the classified Camp 7 facility as deteriorating.

Ring has also said he wanted more funding to provide better care for the aging population of enemy combatants, some of whom are in there 70s.

The admiral made similar pitches to reporters visiting the base this month, according to news reports in the New York Times and Defense One. A SOUTHCOM official told the Times that Ring’s removal was not related to those news reports.

Reuters noted:

The Guantanamo detention center, opened by Republican President George W. Bush to hold terrorism suspects captured overseas after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, has become a byword for harsh detention practices that have opened the United States to accusations of torture.

President Barack Obama shrank its population while in office but failed to completely close the center as he had once promised. President Donald Trump signed an executive order in 2018 to keep the center open, and has discussed adding to its population.

Featured Photo: Rear Adm. John Ring, Joint Task Force Guantanamo Commander, speaks to JTF Troopers during an All Hands meeting at the Camp Bulkeley Lyceum on May 17. Rear Adm. Ring expressed the intentions and direction of JTF Guantanamo for the coming year as well as plans for the near future. (National Guard photo by Sgt. Zachary Tomesh/112th MPAD/JTF GTMO PAO)

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