John Tiegen on Security Clearance and Censorship

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John Tiegen, “Tig,” is one of the heroes of Benghazi. A Marine Veteran who went into the contracting realm after his USMC service, he is best remembered for “13 Hours” – the attack in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.

The 13 hour battle left 4 Americans dead, including two Navy SEALs, one Ambassador, and an Information Management Officer in the Libyan city. The Benghazi attack will be forever remembered as  a failure of the government, but a shining moment of heroism in the lives of the men who fought and came away victorious. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children had Tig on the Tank Show to talk about being banned, and the security clearance issue.

As a Conservative, Tig has had some of his posts taken down, in particular a video of his 6 year old daughter shooting that Facebook called a “graphic display of violence.” She was shooting at a stationary target, not a person. The post was eventually put back up.

He had some things to say about the controversy over John Brennan’s Security clearance being yanked:

“As for him (John Brennan) coming out crying like a little bitch saying you know, ‘it’s an attack on freedom of speech’…How the hell is getting your security clearance pulled an attack on freedom of speech? It has nothing to do with freedom of speech. It’s about access to classified information, that’s all it is…”

He reflect that when a person no longer works for the government, they don’t need the clearance anymore. When the Benghazi team returned, their clearances were pulled as well – was it an attack on their free speech? No.
And why isn’t Brennan in jail since he obviously lied to Congress?

“It’s a double standard for these people.”

Tig feels that Hillary Clinton’s clearance should have been pulled immediately when it was learned that she “mishandled” classified information.

Tig is the founder of “Beyond the Battlefield,” the Tiegen foundation. It’s a nonprofit organization that helps veterans. We’ve written about them before, such as the time they purchased a service dog for a veteran in need of one. Sgt Brandon Tennery and Jack the dog will be on their way to specialized training in September. There will the unveiling of a Benghazi memorial in Florida soon. They paid for  a WWII veteran to be buried in Texas. He is having two Tig Series “tommy guns” done up in honor of Tyrone Woods, and another for Sean Smith as part of raffles to raise money.

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