John Sullivan, Vietnam Veteran, Attacked in NYC

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John Sullivan, 72, has worked for an NBC affiliate for 53 years. But he is also a Vietnam Veteran – an Army Special Forces Soldier. As he got off the train at 6th Ave and W 43rd in NYC on Monday, he was attacked by a ‘mob’ and beaten. He fought back, but says he “looks like hell.”

Hate Crime?

Sullivan is a Technical Director for Plaza Productions, an NBC Universal Affiliate. He’s been taking that same route to work every day for 53 years, and never had a problem. His shift begins at 4 a. m.. Police believe that there are 7 men and two women involved in the incident, and are specifically searching for three that were caught on surveillance video.

“They were circling around me, and they were pointing their fingers in my face. They’re dancing, and all of a sudden they’re punching me. They beat the crap out of me.”

He told NY Daily News that the suspects made “boo noises” as they circled him. “Like a ghost.”

Surveillance photos of some of the suspects released by the NYPD

The New York Post reported,

It was unclear what caused the men to attack Sullivan, who has worked on “Saturday Night Live” and “The Tonight Show” — but the Vietnam vet was in good spirits recalling the encounter Tuesday.

“I didn’t go down… about 30 seconds worth of fun,” he said.

Sullivan said he tried to fend off the fiends with his hard-shelled Halliburton briefcase, blocking some of their punches and landing a few shots himself.

“I stood up for myself… I’m used to fighting back if I have to.”

In checking himself out, Sullivan stated,

“They struck my head. I’ve got black eyes, I look like Zorro, like with the mask, they didn’t rob me. I didn’t get stabbed. Luckily, I didn’t lose any teeth or break any bones.”

He declined going to the hospital, and only accepted an ice pack for his injuries. But when he got to work his employer insisted that a doctor check him out, and they gave him the rest of the week off because “I look like hell.”  He’s hoping he’ll not have to deal with an incident like that again.

“Maybe I’ll be lucky for another 53 years.”

Featured photo: Twitter via New York Daily News


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  • BMW

    It is a shame, this would never happen in NC because you can carry a gun!


    that is the state of our country, maybe some of his brothers in arms need to load up and go hunting.

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