Joe Everson, Patriotic Painter, Singer

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Joe Everson is a famous patriotic painter that has performed the National Anthem at sporting events, and for many organizations across the nation. This is a man who can sing and paint at the same time…and do it with excellence. He told us he comes by it naturally, but he does practice.

“I do practice the paintings. I have my own method and need to be able to repeat it.” Joe Everson

His own method indeed. Few artists have the eye that Joe has for creating pieces from an abstract view. One of his most famous pieces, “Raising The Flag on Iwo Jima,” became the iconic picture when he flipped it right side up. The audience was absolutely amazed that he was painting upside down and singing while doing it! He has since become a huge celebrity. His gift of being able to see in an unusual way when creating the canvas is what sets him apart from other artists.

Joe’s painting – Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima

Joe grew up in Michigan from a musical family. His father does instrumentals, and his mother is a singer. He is the middle child of four – two brothers and a sister, all of whom are musically inclined. That’s why he says his talents come somewhat “naturally.” His mother gave he and his siblings voice lessons, and his two grandmothers are both artists.

“One Grandmother, Grace Ortega, is a professional photographer. She taught me how to ‘catch the light,’ which I use in my paintings. My other Grandmother is a watercolor artist…I once watched her paint with the brush in her mouth because her hands were shaking.” Joe Everson

Here’s an example of his ability to ‘catch the light’:

Joe’s painting “Beth and Pearls”- he definitely knows how to “catch the light”

It took a while for Joe’s work to catch on, since his publicist refers to him as previously being a “starving artist.”

The Patriot at the End of the Paintbrush

Joe has often painted for veterans groups, and has raised a lot of money for many of them: Honor Flight, Folds of Honor, Special Operations Care Fund, Luke’s Wings, USO San Diego, Carrington Charitable Foundation, to name a few.

He also paints for fortune 500 companies, and celebrities, as well as corporation collections such as Hard Rock Hotels, General Mills, Toyota North America, etc. You can see the paintings at his website

He is currently working on a flag series – everything from the ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag to the Betsy Ross Flag in the featured photo. He told us he’d always wanted to paint the Betsy Ross flag, but decided for certain he would do it when he went on Fox and Friends and learned of the controversy over Nike shoes. [Note: Joe has been on Fox ad Friends four times so far.]

I asked him if he something to say to all of you, and this is what he said:

When I go to veterans events, the thing that hits me is that I can’t possibly understand what these veterans have been through. I’ve never served. But I count it a blessing to be put in the middle of their events. About a year ago I painted for a Foundation for wounded veterans that has 100% turnaround for donations. I was overwhelmed. There were quadruple amputees that were joking around about what happened because they wanted us to be comfortable with them.”

They were treating me like a celebrity, so I turned it around, whipped out my silver Sharpie and asked them to sign my jacket. They were my heroes. I’d grab their hands and not let them go, look them in the eye and really listen. Instead of just saying thank you, we should do that more often.

I think that there are wars being fought that we can’t see and don’t know anything about. The things they do for us while we’re sleeping…we need to thank them, but really listen to them. I’m thankful to have a tiny little corner of my impressions, and be able to spread the patriotism in a way that truly represents the flag.” Joe Everson

Joe says that we shouldn’t give up on millenials, that there are still patriotic Americans.

“There are a lot of us that still have patriotism. I know because even in a stadium in Los Angeles, after my performance, the crowd started chanting “USA USA!” There are still those who believe in our core values. Sometimes the media is offbase, but when you see face to face the patriotism that is still out there, it’s wonderful.” Joe Everson

We think Joe’s expression of patriotism is pretty wonderful as well. Best wishes, Joe in all you do!

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