Joe Biden’s Twitter Account Threatens 2nd Amendment – Gun Manufacturers

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Only a few hours left in the election. Joe Biden (or his leftist team) made it abundantly clear that he plans to kill the 2nd amendment by going after gun manufacturers, as a tweet he made in February was resurrected and reposted on his Twitter account on 11-3.

“Gun manufacturers — if I’m elected I’m coming for you. #DemDebate” Joe Biden


Responses were plentiful. One response even showed a hidden talent:

  • “Hopefully you can comprehend this simplified version of the Gadsden flag.” @rojo_propheto

  • “As a good Communist, the priority will always be to deprive the people of the right to self-defense, and protection against tyrannical governments.” @LucM43
  • “Did Beto write this tweet?”@TheOilMan12 (No doubt, since Biden should have been debating at the time it was tweeted. It’s highly doubtful he can mumble and tweet at the same time)
  • “The 2nd Amendment pretty much says, “No.”” @TangoIX21
  • “so you want to shutdown manufactures and put people out of work… Got it.” @jones_twj
  • Biden quiere al pueblo indefenso y desprotegido.” Translation: “Biden wants the people defenseless and unprotected.” @TrumpEsLibertad (Latinos for Trump) They also tweeted,
  • “Esperamos que gane Trump para que USA no llore como nosotros en Latinoamérica por culpa del socialismo malvado!” Translation: “We hope Trump wins so that the US does not cry like we do in Latin America because of evil socialism!” @TrumpEsLibertad
  • “Not happening. But I’ll let you keep this on ur fantasy list.” @breannamorello
  • “He has to find his way out of the basement first.” @JasonCa48070913
Honestly, do these crazed Demorats really think that everyone is just going to take a nap while they strip away our Second Amendment, and First Amendment rights? Are they really that stupid? Rights that have been enumerated within the Constitution for over two hundred years are not just going to disappear because some leftists demand they go away. We will fight to keep them!
The United States is not Cuba or Venezuela, and we plan to keep it that way.

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