Joe Biden: A “Harris Biden Administration”

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Joe Biden seems to confirm that Kamala Harris would run his administration if he is elected. Yesterday, she made a “slip of the tongue” and called it the “Harris administraton with Joe Biden.” Today, Joe himself stated that it is the “Harris Biden administration.”

Joe definitely should get a food taster, or a nice comfortable easy chair to sit in for the rest of his days in order to stay out of trouble. She has already taken over.

And yesterday’s oopsie:

A couple of the replies to these tweets were telling:

“Joe Biden is not mentally fit to be president. That’s not a joke, that’s not snark, that’s reality. The poor guy can’t get through a single speech without making a complete fool of himself, there is no way Democrats really think this guy can run the country.” @a_newgarden 

“Kamala could poll passed 2% in the primaries & the dems didn’t like her. Now she’s riding biden like a tick on a Trojan horse.” @Firemdc780

So are these gaffes? Or are these Democrats trying to tell us something?  Will Joe Biden just abdicate the Presidency if he’s elected and turn the reins over to his leftist running mate? One can almost imagine him climbing aboard Marine One, waving goodbye like Richard Nixon, and letting her run it.

The MSM has literally pushed the narrative that there’s nothing wrong with Joe Biden. The NYT, WaPo and others have ignored his mental acuity in spite of the fact that he embarasses himself on a regular basis. But if she takes over for him in any way, there will be HUGE leftist changes in our beloved country. And America, trust me, you do not want those kind of changes.


Featured photo:  Screenshot via Bloomberg. That’s right, Joe, just sit quietly in the corner and let her talk.


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