Jeffrey Epstein Arrested for Sex Trafficking – Is Bill Clinton on the List Yet?

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Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on Saturday night as he came back to New York from a vacation in Paris. It made both left and right giddy at the prospect of arrests, both of Bill and Hillary…and Donald Trump.

But unlike the Clintons, Donald Trump banned Epstein from his Mar-a-Lago resort years ago for a specific reason: he allegedly assaulted an underage girl.

Back in 2016, we wrote about Bill Clinton being on several Jeffrey Epstein flights to “Orgy Island.” The information was all over the internet, but virtually ignored because of Hillary. Or was it because the FBI was in the process of making sure the Clintons were out of the loop?

Jeffrey Epstein is well known for his “Lolita Express” flights to Little St James Island …or “Orgy Island.” In 2005, after nearly a year investigation, he was charged one count of prostitution and given an 18 month jail sentence, of which he served only 13 months. At that time police found numerous pictures of underage children on the island.

In 2008, Epstein was again implicated in pedophilia, and Robert Mueller used him as a confidential informant, so that he was not charged. None of the girls were ever interviewed by the FBI. Drop the ball much?

Photo via Twitter @Techno_Fog

Here the problem may be who’s in charge yet again: The daughter of fired FBI Director James Comey is the prosecutor on this case. Will this serial sex abuser get out and continue his crimes? He faces a 45 year sentence…unless prosecutors once again diminish the victims and just slap him on the wrist.

Will Bill Clinton or any of the other big time players be charged? We’ll see. Hopefully, President Trump has the documentation to prove he dumped Epstein…Democrats are salivating again.

  • Robert Wood

    After dropping the ball that many times, and still continuing it to this day, tells me it’s intentional. Old Slick Willies flights to orgy Island is just a very tiny tip of a monstrous iceberg. I’m so glad the Chinese hacked into that bitches server! Rest assured the president has been given all the information they collected. B a r r has all the info he needs.

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