Jarheads MC Memorial Ride for the Fallen 7-Thousands Pay Respects

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The Marine Corps Times reported that more than three thousand bikers rode in a Jarheads MC Memorial Ride for the Fallen 7. It started in Laconia, New Hampshire and ended in Randolph. The riders stopped where seven riders of the club – five of whom were Marine veterans, died in June.

The ride began on Saturday in Laconia with the singing of the Marine’s Hymn and a prayer. Then the bikers headed out to the scene of the crash. For the President of the Club, it was a little too soon to visit the site.

“This is what happens when good people die.” Manny Ribeiro, President of the Jarheads MC Club

The organizer, Steve Allison, was amazed at the turnout.

“Unlike anything I ever expected, and I am humbled to my absolute core. I’m actually doing my best to keep from crying, because I never would’ve expected this.” Steve Allison, organizer

We all would have done our best to keep from crying, Steve Allison. The Marine Corps is a brotherhood, and truthfully so are bikers, especially veterans. So it wasn’t a surprise to read that over 3,000 bikers participated in the Jarheads MC memorial ride.

Local children from Gorham, NH donated $700 to the Jarheads MC Club. They raised it from their lemonade stand last week, according to WMUR TV.

A memorial has grown at the location of the crash. Seven crosses, a myriad of America flags, piles of flowers, all in honor of the seven men and women who died. The Jarheads MC Memorial Ride for the Fallen 7 brought participants from as far away as California.


We’ve written many times about the crash and those who perished because of a fool who should never have been on the road, let alone working for a trucking company (he was driving a pickup with a flatbed trailer for them at the time of the crash). The loss of 7 lives in a fiery crash in New Hampshire led to the head of Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles resigning, and lawmakers to begin scrutinizing the administration of the agency.

WMUR reported,

Connecticut officials twice alerted Massachusetts about a drunken driving arrest against the driver in the crash, 23-year-old Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, of West Springfield, but Massachusetts failed to act to suspend his license. Zhukovskyy pleaded not guilty.

More than 800 Massachusetts drivers have since had their licenses suspended as officials continue to discover notifications of serious out-of-state driving violations that had not been acted on.

Underlying featured photo: Paul Hayes/Caledonian-Record

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