Jarheads MC Club Accident: “When They Fall, We All Fall.”

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The names of the people who perished in the Jarheads MC club accident have been identified:

Michael Ferazzi, 62 (Contoocook, NH)
Albert Mazza, 49 (Lee, NH)
Daniel Pereira, 58 (Riverside, RI)
Jo-Ann and Edward Corr, both 58 (Lakeville, MA. Read a tribute post to the Corrs here.)
Desma Oakes, 42 (Concord, NH)
Aaron Perry, 45 (Farmington, NH)

The five men were all members of the Jarheads MC Club, the two women were supporters. Of the three others injured in the crash, two have been released from the hospital, the other is in stable condition.

The NH State Police stated that the Dodge truck was towing a trailer that is used to transport cars when it struck the ten bikes. The driver of the truck, Volodoymyr Zhukovskyy, 23, survived the accident without needing hospitalization, but isn’t answering his phone. He has not been charged as of this writing. One question: how did Mr Zhukovskyy get out of the truck before it caught fire?

UPDATE Monday via Fox: “Volodoymyr Zhukovskyy, 23, is now facing seven counts of negligent homicide after being taken into custody this morning in West Springfield, the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office announced.”

The accident is still under investigation for cause.

“This is one of the worst tragic incidents that we have investigated here in the state. It’s going to be a lengthy investigation.” New Hampshire State Police Col. Chris Wagner

R.I.P., Marines and Supporters

Ed Corr said on his Facebook page that he went to the “University of Parris Island.” He enlisted in the USMC “straight out of high school” according to the note posted with his picture in a Marine Corps uniform.

Edward Corr

Aaron Perry was in a relationship with Desma Oakes, according to Heavy.com. Mike Ferrazi posted this photo of a stone with the Marine Corps emblem that he said was given to him by a brother Marine.

Heavy didn’t have information on some of the others, but it is obvious that they all loved being Marines, and enjoyed riding with the Jarheads MC Club. the

Fox reported: Meanwhile, about 400 motorcyclists gathered in Columbia, N.H., about 50 miles north of the crash site, for a long-planned Blessing of the Bikes ceremony that became a memorial. The Rev. Rich Baillargeon, who presided over the ceremony, held a moment of silence and prayer for those who died in the crash.

“When they fall, we all fall,” said Laura Cardinal, Vice President of the Manchester Motorcycle Club. “Those families, they’re going to go through a lot now. They have a new world ahead of them.”

The GoFundMe set up by Jarheads MC Club member Doug Hayward for the families that were impacted reads:

On Friday, June 21st 2019 Jarheads MC was riding to a charity event at the local American Legion in Gorham, New Hampshire Post #82. Our pack was struck by an oncoming vehicle and we lost 5 patch holders and 2 supporters, and many others are injured. Our club and the families are going to need help and we cannot do it alone. I am pleading with you all, please do what you can, and 100% of the funds raised will go where it is needed to help ease some of the financial burden left behind after this tragic event. Jarheads MC has always been about helping veterans and their families. Please help us now and give what you can. Everything you can do is appreciated. We are strong enough to get through this, but we ask for and need your support.

Names and conditions of all will not be shared at this time as we are still being impacted by news as it arrives. We will be in New Hampshire the rest of the weekend supporting our friends and families.

Doug Hayward, East Bridgewater, MA

Featured photo New Hampshire Office of the attorney General: Top row left to right: Michael Ferazzi, Albert Mazza, Daniel Pereira. Bottom row, left to right: Joanne and Edward Corr, Desma Oakes, Aaron Perry.

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  • Brenda Jean White

    May our Brother’s And Sister’s of This Tragic Wreck Forever Ride Free As They Earned There Wing’s And Went Home To Meet Many Of Our Fallen Friend’s And Loved One’s Whom Went Home To Await There Arrival Along With My Husband Killed in 1982 In Houma Louisiana On April 8 1982 Hit And Killed By A Person Whom left my Husband Terry Lee Talbott Age 32 on Highway 90 To Die Under His Harly. My Life And Our Son Whom Had Just Tiurned 4 year’s 8 Day’s Before He Went Home.our Son Has Never Rode Nor Will He own A Harly After The Lose Of His Father Hit And Run The wittness’s seen Fail To Yield The Right of Way And Keep Going.I Still Ride But our Child Is Scared For Life.To All Of The Family’s Of The JarHead’s Chapter I Give My Deepest Heart Felt Condolence’s .I Know How Hard This Is I Have Watched Many Go Ahead of Me And You Never Get Over Your Lose I Have Carried My Love For My Vietnam Vet Husband with Me In My Heart And Soul Until One Day I Know I’ll Hold Him Again. I Know He Is Ok Now It’s Hard I Know In my Heart And Forever In Your Heart’s We Must Carrie There Love Of Life And Ridding Motorcycle’s Until we Our Self’s Earn Our Wing’s To Go Home.To You All God Bless Your Family’s And Friend’s Of Our Brother’s And Sister’s whom Are Left To Await Our Turn To Become Forever Angel’s.May Everyone In This Club And All over The Country In Need Of Prayer’s Or Help Find Comfort In Knowing Our Lord Was Awaiting Each one In There Forever Home.Until we All Meet Again 🙏 Prayer’s Going Up To Your Loved One’s And Everyone Touched By This Horrible Accident Here in Our Temporary Home Find Peace In Your Heart And Soul I Pray in The Name Of Jesus Christ For Each One of Your Loved One’s And The Family’s And Friend’s Aswell Amen.

  • Shawn Perry

    Very nice write up. I am Aaron Perry’s oldest brother and I can confirm Aaron and Desma’s relationship as reported by Heavy.com

    • Linda Bonfilio

      Semper Fi to you all. May I have fallen Marines / friends / family / Riders who earned their wings ride free up above all of you every time you put that kickstand up. 🎈🙏🇺🇸💙💜

  • Victor Ortiz

    To all members of the ( warheads) biker club: my name is Vic and I am vice president of (S.O.A.R.) shades of america riders and as I heard the news of fallen biker brothers and sisters my heart was broken my eyes came to tears there is no greater love for a biker brother or sister who has suffered an injury on our favorite toy.my crew and I want to express our most sincere condolences to your club and family who are at this moment feeling what I can not even amagin to begin feeling, family of the jarheads biker club if there is anything that my club and I can do to ease the pain please feel free to let us know.# (585) 503-9463

    • Faye Higbee

      Thanks. victor- I passed your message along to the club

  • Rick Roderick

    Thinking and praying for the Families. I knew MIKE FERRAZI well. We served at EMBASSY SECURITY GUARD SCHOOL HENDERSON HALL IN ARLINGTON VA. I went to Poland mike to Tokyo. We were together lots of days saw him years later at Disney World. Prayers yo his Family. RIP BROTHER AND THE OTHER 6 Semper Fi Rick T. RODERICK ON FACEBOOK

  • Roy Covington

    As a fellow disabled veteran and past biker, I offer my deepest sympathy, condolences, and prayers to the family and friends of those lost to this senseless criminal accident.
    Having a 30 plus year career as a paramedic and E.R. nurse I have unfortunately seen far too many of this type occurrence. Making it worse is the fact that many of these accidents are caused by repeat offenders, as is the case here. That, however is a conversation best suited for another time.
    There’s nothing that I could say or do to relieve the misery and suffering of the many affected by this accident. If there was, I would most certainly say or do it.
    Know that I will be praying for all. In the meantime, hold those near and dear to you closer and live to make those in heaven proud.
    Roy Covington

  • Brent Polson

    **** Ride safely****
    I’m not trying to make light of the situation – news sources have reported that “biker bowling” is the term being used in some online correspondence . Apparently sick people were turning this into a challenge to rack up the most death tallies in a single hit. Please tell me this is not true. I’m going to be riding solo from now on and avoiding group rides in the near future. My condolences to the family members affected and the emergency workers providing their service at the scene.

  • johnny stewart

    Hi All,

    My name is Johnny Stewart, I am an officer in the Iwo Jima Chapter of the Jarheads MC. On behalf of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club I would like to thank you all for your continued support and well wishes. Please continue to visit our website: jarheads-mc.com for the latest updates. Also please continue to share our story and gofundme page on FB and ask your friends to do the same for the families struggle has only just began.

    Best regards,


  • Jim McIntire

    Our motorcycle group, North Ga. Mountain Riders, had a fund raiser for the families of the deceased. We would like to send a check but we don’t really want to send it to GoFundMe.
    Is there an actual address that we can send the funds and who do we make the check payable to
    So sorry for your loss
    Jim McIntire, Treasurer

    • Faye Higbee

      Awesome, Jim. IF you search for Jarheads MC and click on the “contact”, there is a form to fill out that you can ask for their mailing address instead of going to the GoFundMe link

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