James Mattis: The country rallies behind “Mad Dog” for President. But will he run?

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James Mattis: The country rallies behind “Mad Dog” for President. But will he run?

An article in the Daily Beast says that there is a movement among about a dozen wealthy Conservative donors to draft retired General James Mattis , former Commander ot CENTCOM, for President. Why? Because they hate Donald Trump. So they put together a “strategic packet” of “memos” and are trying to convince him to run.

james mattis

Retired General James Mattis

From the Daily Beast:

But this situation involves far bigger players: Close to a dozen influential donors—involving politically-involved billionaires with deep pockets and conservative leanings—are ready to put their resources behind Mattis. At their request, a small group of political operatives have taken the first steps in the strategic legwork needed for a bid: a package of six strategic memos outlining how Mattis could win the race, in hopes of coaxing him in.

The general has received the package of memos, according to two individuals involved with the project…

The strategy would not be for Mattis to win, at least at first—the operatives behind this potential bid would only be seeking to deny Trump and Clinton the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the general election outright. And there is also the incredible logistical challenge of getting Mattis on the ballot in a large number of states.

Obama removed him from CENTCOM in 2013 as a little too “hawkish.” He didn’t even know he had been replaced. The Blaze reported in 2013,

“…He was travelling and in a meeting when an aide passed him a note telling him that the Pentagon had announced his replacement as head of Central Command. It was news to him — he hadn’t received a phone call or a heads-up from anyone at the Pentagon or the White House…

By pushing Mattis overboard, the administration is sending a message that it doesn’t want smart, independently minded generals who speak candidly to their civilian leaders. The message that generals and admirals may receive that they should go along to get along, which is a bad message for the health of U.S. civil-military relations…”

It happened when Obama announced he was planning to go into Syria. The official line was that Mattis “retired.” He had 41 years of service at the time, and had been head of CENTCOM since 2010. Up to the point that Obama ousted him, he had been doing what the President asked.

“I don’t write policy for my government … I just carry out the last 600 meters of my President’s policy.” James Mattis to Wolf Blitzer in 2013

General Mattis is one of the most intelligent, intellectual men on the planet. But who are the backers of this movement to draft him and why are they doing it?


Is this group trying to destroy your votes?

“Everyone is hoping that Ted Cruz pulls it out, but I think a great deal of Republicans would rally behind an American hero if the choice is between Mattis and Trump. He’s a man of character and integrity. He’s given his life to his country. How do you ask someone like that to leap headfirst into this toxic mud puddle of a race? It’s damn hard. But Trump is a fascist lunatic and Hillary has one foot in a jail cell. That means the lunatic can win. I’d be first in line to plead with the general to come save America.” John Noonan, former Jeb Bush aide

Uh,oh, red flag on the play. A former Jeb Bush aide? The motive here appears to be a plan to do an end run around Donald Trump’s candidacy. And if the backers are establishment, that’s not good. They are hoping that Mattis can steal enough votes that the House of Representatives will have to chose the President.

There’s only one slight problem with that plan: the House ONLY chooses the President if the final electoral votes are EXACTLY A TIE. That is highly unlikely.

Does the General really WANT the Presidency? What are his positions?

Uncle Sam’s ran a poll in our large group and Trump won by about 10%. Right behind him was Mattis- but he’s not running. However, most veterans of every ilk, would rally behind him if it came to that. He just hasn’t been inclined to run.

“I’ve lived a very colorful life and I’ve said some things. But not once have I taken them back, and I’ve never apologized for them—and I won’t. I like the enemy knowing there are a few guys like me around.” Gen James Mattis

What are Mattis’ positions on the issues?  His love for the regular troops, his integrity as a Marine – all of these things are legendary. We love that he is the ultimate “bad ass” – but what are his positions on the day to day issues? He has stated before that he doesn’t feel he is “well rounded” enough or politically correct enough to be President.

There is a  hint at what his policies might be:

“We’re on a fiscally unsustainable path right now. The economy’s always been the engine for our national security. There’s no way that that our military power will not erode if a robust American economic revival is not part of the cards. And the dysfunction in Washington right now shows a country unable to govern itself — and that is worth more than 10 battleships to us.” Gen Mattis

That is the truth. And for certain he would blow some pussy liberals right out of the water with his non-politically correct terminology..

“The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event. That said, there are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot.” Gen  Mattis

This “Warrior Monk” has studied war and battles deeply. He knows what must be done on a battlefield to crush the enemy – of that there is no doubt.

“I’m going to plead with you, do not cross us. Because if you do, the survivors will write about what we do here for 10,000 years.” Gen James Mattis

In the interview with Wolf Blitzer, he made it clear that his military strategy is strong and wise compared to that of Obama. But what does he think about Hillary and Benghazi and the trading of Stinger Missiles? We can guess, but do we know? How about immigration? What about the corruption in DC? Again, we can guess on that and radical Islam. But is he pro-choice or pro-life? What about taxes? The environmentalists and Agenda 21? BLM and the overreach by the government on your property rights?

And is America ready for a President that has no “First Lady?” The General is single, and loves to date “hot” women…which opens up a whole other can of worms.

The comments on the articles about Mattis’ possible run for President were not necessarily complimentary to the idea. But all manner of veterans from every service, and especially Marines, love him to the  hilt, and rightly so. He is said to be the most “revered Marine Corps Commander in a generation.”


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