James Comey Tweets Hope That 2018 Brings “More Ethical Leadership”

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We’ve known for years that Clinton cronies were shall we say, crazier than hoot owls, but they keep wandering unabashedly into Twitter soup. Yesterday it was Elizabeth “Pocohantas” Warren. Today, it’s James Comey who wants “more ethical leadership.” He posted this:

OUCH. That Tweet was asking for trouble, considering the revelations of the last year.

And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The revelations of bias within the ranks of the FBI have roared like an avalanche against both Mueller and Comey.

Let’s see: Comey’s completion of Hillary’s exoneration before she or her cronies were even interviewed, the judge who helped them obtain a FISA warrant, the judge’s wife who worked for the firm that created the discredited Trump Dossier, agent Peter Strzok who helped “reword” statements about Hillary’s email scandal, agent Strzok’s biased statements against Trump while working on the Mueller investigation, Comey’s admission of leaking  memos to the media…need we go on?

Fox noted:

Other top FBI officials, who worked under Comey and were involved in the Russia investigation, have also come under scrutiny for anti-Trump messages.

Lawmakers have been alarmed by recently revealed texts from FBI official Peter Strzok, who called Trump an “idiot” and who referenced an “insurance policy” against a Trump presidency.

Strzok had been assigned to Robert Mueller’s special counsel probe, but has since been reassigned.

Trump’s attorneys have also pounced on Comey for admitting to orchestrating the leaking of his memos about his interactions with the president to the New York Times in the hopes it would lead to a special counsel investigation.

Let’s just say there’s been an extreme bias at the FBI for years. You can’t be a Trump hater and claim to be objective in any investigation. So Twitter once again had a field day telling Comey what they thought of his “ethics” Tweet:




Featured photo: screenshot of James Comey

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