Jacksonville Gaming Tourney Shooting – Multiple Casualties

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The live Jacksonville Gaming Tourney called “Madden NFL 19” was interrupted by gunfire this afternoon. On the live tape you can hear the shots as the gunman opened fire. The players were participating in an NFL video game created by EA games, which was also a sponsor of the tournament, according to TMZ. The gaming was live-streamed on Twitch TV.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s office reported that there were “multiple casualties” at the event, which was held at the Jacksonville Landing in the GLHF Game Bar near the Chicago Pizza restaurant. They reported that numerous people were transported to the hospital. The suspect is dead, and police said there were no other outstanding suspects. People heard 12 shots on the tape.

Police conducted a “methodical search” of the mall.

Immediately prior to the shooting, a “red laser dot” appeared on the chest of a player who was wearing white headphones and a red sweatshirt.

WRAL reported,

Ryan Aleman, who was at the bar, told CNN that he saw “at least six bodies on the floor” of people who had been shot.

Sujeil Lopez was at home in the Tampa Bay area, in Florida, when she got a call that her son, who goes by Larry, 25, had been shot.

“I have to get to him. I am four hours away from him and I have to get to my son,” Lopez said on the phone.

“He was shot three times, once on the nipple, once on his hand and somewhere else,” Lopez said. She did not know his condition.

Her son is a professional video game player for the Bucks Gaming team, according to his Twitter profile.

A professional video game organization, compLexity Gaming, said on Twitter that it had a player at the tournament who “suffered a small injury” when a bullet grazed his hand but that “he is away from the scene.”

The player, whose name was listed as Drini Gjoka on Twitter, tweeted Sunday that the “tourney just got shot up.”

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office confirmed multiple casualties but did not give a count. Most outlets are reporting 4 dead, 11 wounded, not counting the suspect. Police have not confirmed that count in their press briefings so far.

The Jacksonville Landing is an open air mall with numerous shops and restaurants in the downtown area.


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