Israeli PM Netanyahu to be Indicted for Corruption. Is this a Political Hit Job?

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The news media is all abuzz with the news that Israeli PM Netanyahu is to be indicted for “bribery, fraud, and breach of trust”… after hearings. the word “hearings” is important in this news. Hearings which won’t take place until after the election in April. So the release of this potential indictment comes as a political hit to cause the weaker backers of his leadership to fall away.

In the past, Obama sent a “team” to Israel in 2009 in an attempt to work with his opposition to prevent Netanyahu’s election. They fouled it up and he won. So who is behind this one?

Netanyahu will have three hearings, at which time he will be given the opportunity to prove his innocence. If he fails to do that, THEN he will be indicted. He is NOT indicted now, which means that the release of this information is not just premature, it’s political maneuvering from the PM’s opposition.

“The left in Israel is no different than the left in the U.S. … They put their party first, their ambitions first, and they put them before country. And they wrap themselves in their country’s flag and pretend they’re standing up for the rule of law.” Mark Levin

The Times of Israel reported that Avichai Mandelblit, the country’s Attorney General notified the Prime Minister that he would be charged with bribery (1 count), fraud and breach of trust (2 counts).

They reported,

In Case 1000, involving suspicions that Netanyahu received gifts and benefits from billionaire benefactors in exchange for favors, Mandelblit will reportedly charge Netanyahu with breach of trust — a somewhat murkily defined offense relating to an official violating the trust the public has placed in him.

In Case 2000, involving suspicions Netanyahu agreed with Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper publisher Arnon Mozes to weaken a rival daily in return for more favorable coverage from Yedioth, Mandelblit will reportedly also charge the premier with breach of trust, while Mozes will be charged with bribery. The case is said to have been a contentious one in Mandelblit’s office, with many prosecution officials believing Netanyahu should be charged with bribery, while Mandelblit has allegedly considered not charging the prime minister at all. His decision now was said to be a tentative one, and could change down the road.

In Case 4000, widely seen as the most serious against the premier, he is suspected of having advanced regulatory decisions that benefited Bezeq-controlling shareholder Shaul Elovitch in exchange for positive coverage from the Elovitch-owned Walla news site. Mandelblit is reportedly going to announce he is charging Netanyahu with bribery. Elovitch too will reportedly face bribery charges.

The Israeli Supreme Court blocked a Likud party request to prevent this information from coming out before the elections.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the longest serving PM in their history. If it happens it will be the first time in Israeli history that a sitting Prime Minister is charged. He is a strong leader, and is friends with Trump. As we have seen here, the left is not above doing whatever it takes to remove someone they don’t like.

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