Islamic “Protesters” Storm Church in Giza, Assault Parishioners

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Giza, Egypt – On Friday, after their Jummah prayer time, hundreds of Islamic “protesters” gathered at a Coptic church in Giza. They stormed the building, chanting “hostile slogans”, destroying the contents, and assaulting parishioners. They called for the church to be demolished. The wounded were transported to a local hospital.

The Coptic church  in the Atfih Diocese, Giza, was not “registered” – which means that they had not received building permits from the local government. In Egypt, officials are often afraid to issue such permits for Christian churches due to fears of Islamic backlash. Which is a situation that causes many churches to build ‘illegally.’ The church has been conducting prayers and services for 15 years. According to reports, the diocese has been attempting to achieve licensing under a 2016 law.


Featured photo via Twitter @merahelmy2655

  • nicholas abraham lopez

    That’s because Moslems are selfish and evil religion they have no right to go after other religion this is bullying. So sad we have to fricken baby sit these jerks. This is why old timers say you have to wipe out the whole generation to stop it. Sad

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