ISIS Takes Credit for OSU Attack

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Surprise, surprise, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the OSU attack yesterday. Officials still have not named a motive for stabbing so many people on the campus of Ohio State University. They also say that they can’t find any connection to foreign extremists, and think that the suspect “self-radicalized.”

Sure. Believe that if you want to, but his previous home in Pakistan is a clue that self-radicalization may not be the case.

No motive given

Reuters reported,

The Islamic State news agency AMAQ posted a photo of Abdul Razak Ali Artan wearing a blue shirt and sitting with greenery in the background. It described him as a soldier of the group.

“Brother Abdul Razak Ali Artan, God accept him, implementer of the Ohio attack, a student in his third year in university,” the caption read…

…So far, investigators have found no strong evidence linking Artan to other known militant individuals, cells or groups, said two federal law enforcement officials, who declined to be named because the probe is ongoing…

Investigators were looking into a message posted on Facebook by Artan that contained inflammatory statements about being “sick and tired” of seeing Muslims killed and reaching a “boiling point,” a law enforcement source said.

“Stop the killing of the Muslims in Burma,” Artan said in the Facebook post.

All of his Facebook posts have been deleted. But keep this in mind: jihadi actions are nearly always irrational, and would never change a situation they complain about.

National Security

The fact is, as we have mentioned previously on numerous occasions, true “vetting” of refugees is nearly impossible. The Muslim countries they come from do not have comprehensive databases of radicals. In Pakistan alone there are 12 domestic terror groups, 4 groups labeled only as “extremist, and 32 terror groups considered “transnational.” When someone belongs to or just attends a mosque that is connected to those groups, tracking them becomes an exercise in futility.

One Pakistani group, Tehrik-i-Taliban, swore allegiance to ISIS in 2014. They are by no means the worst of the lot in that nation. One of the biggest terror groups is Lashkar e-Taiba.

The point is, if so many of these refugees are spending time in Pakistan, they are likely to be “radicalized” when they get here. Artan seemed to “blend in” to the student life. Until the moment he chose to stab members of the staff, faculty, and fellow students.


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