ISIS Suicide Bomber Kills at least 10 in Turkey

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ISIS Suicide Bomber Kills at least 10 in Turkey

A 28 year year old Syrian suicide bomber blew himself up at the popular tourist area of  Sultanahmet in Istanbul  on Tuesday. At least 15 others were wounded in the attack which killed and wounded people from other nations, primarily Germany. Police stated they also nabbed a female who had planned to blow herself up just minutes after this attack.

Targeting Foreigners

The explosion took place at about 10:20 local time near the Obelisk of Theodosius, an ancient Egyptian monument near the “blue Mosque.”  German tourists were hardest hit by the explosion, with 9 lives lost. German injuries were reported at 6, with people from Norway, South Korea, and Peru only slightly injured.

Turkey has been on “high alert” since October 10, when two suicide bombers blew themselves up in Ankara. German and Norwegian citizens were advised by their governments to stay away from crowds, as reported by Fox News.

Political disaster?

So this is the issue of Syrian refugees, or any other Islamic refugees. No nation can tell what they will do or who they really are. There is no such things as “vetting.”

This may pose a political disaster for Angela Merkel and her open door policy. And it may be Tayyip Erdogan’s problem as well, since there have been continual attacks across Turkey  for months since he launched attacks against the Kurds. Though this attack has been credited to ISIS, as was the Ankara attack, the split  focus of the Turkish government is not helping them fight the jihadists. Maybe that’s because Erdogan is a jihadist himself? Just sayin’.




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