ISIS Seizes Govt Headquarters in Ramadi- the march forward

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ISIS has seized control over Iraq’s provincial government headquarters in Ramadi. The move gives them  nearly full control of  the Provincial capital. They used multiple VBIEDs to launch their attacks, and then raised their signature black flag over the building as they continued to fight.


ISIS attacks in Ramadi- Twitter photo by Barzan Sadiq

They gained control at around 2 pm local time. Police stated that the terrorists used an armored bulldozer to remove the blast walls, then blew up the vehicle when they got inside. They also packed a Humvee with explosives that targeted the Education Department. Another car bomb was detonated at the West entrance to the government building. Three other car bombs exploded  near the Anbar Operations Command on the West side of the city.

Footsteps of terrorists

Meanwhile, coalition airstrikes were concentrated near the oil refinery at Baiji, as ISIS continued their attempt to take over the facility with daily attacks.


The Baiji Oil refinery is the largest in Iraq

ISIS’ march across Iraq continues in spite of coalition airstrikes. As the airstrikes are centered near the Baiji refinery (a critical target) and fighting at Fallujah, it appears that ISIS is going to press onward regardless of losses. Though supplies were being dropped to the fighters there, Iraqi forces had not yet reached the refinery to reinforce those already in place.

Iraq claimed that one senior ISIS leader, Abu Alaa al-Afri,  was reportedly killed in recent airstrikes, but that information has not been confirmed by US sources.  If ISIS manages to completely take over Ramadi, they will be only 60 miles from Baghdad.

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