ISIS Lives – Kabul Suicide Bomb Attack, Multiple Casualties

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ISIS has claimed responsibility for a Kabul suicide bomb attack in the Afghani Capital on Thursday. The Tabayan (Tebyan) Cultural Center, a Shi’ite facility, was the main target, but the Afghan Voice, a news agency, also was near the blast. Two other bombs detonated, but did not cause any fatalities. According to the BBC, the latest figures say 41 people were killed and at least 84 injured in the blasts.

Women and children were among those killed, as was a journalist with the Afghan Voice.

An academic event marking the 38th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan was being held at the Tabayan Center, with book reading and a discussion forum.

It was not the first attack on a Shia facility in Afghanistan, nor is it the first journalist death, as attacks have stepped up dramatically in Kabul during 2017. ISIS claimed responsibility for this latest bombing via Amaq, their news outlet, but provided no evidence of the claim, according to Al Jazeera.

Reuters reported,

“Over the past two years, Islamic State in Khorasan, as the local group is known, has claimed a growing number of attacks on Shi‘ite targets in Afghanistan, where sectarian attacks were previously rare.

The statement said the center received Iranian support and was one of the largest centers of Shi‘ism in Afghanistan, sending youths to Iran for academic training…

Prior to Thursday’s attack, there had been at least 12 attacks on Shi‘ite targets since the start of 2016, in which almost 700 people were killed or wounded, according to United Nations figures. Before that, there had only been one major attack, in 2011.”

ISIS is Sunni, and Afghanistan is primarily Sunni. Shi’ites are considered heretics by Sunnis. Even though continuous Air Strikes have driven ISIS from places in the Middle East and shrank their territory significantly, they are still alive in places like Afghanistan.

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