ISIS Captures another Town- in Syria. Strategy questioned (video)

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The President has stated that ISIS is “on the run,” but  the Islamic State seems to be doing just the opposite -pressing forward, taking territory. After their seizure of Ramadi, which has been characterized by US officials as “just a setback,” they have now captured the Syrian town of Palmyra.


While Palmyra may not be a household term, it is an Ancient Roman city from the 2nd Millenium B.C. . It also happens to be not far from Damascus, the Syrian coast in two directions,  and some key oil and gas fields.  They aren’t stupid- they knew what they were doing.

Syria’s National Defense Forces evacuated both residents and hundreds of ancient statutes  as ISIS bore down on the city. Syrian activists reported that Syrian forces were seen fleeing the advance of the the Islamic State. Officials state that the ruins are still at risk, even if all the statues have been taken to safer areas.


Photo from the Daily Star- ISIS has taken Palmyra

The ISIS plague

In spite of the Islamic State gains, the Pentagon has stated they do not plan to do any major review for our “strategy”regarding ISIS.

ISIS continues to gain ground – Mosul, Fallujah, Ramadi- places that were hard fought with the blood of the US Military. They are gaining territory in Syria. Every victory they obtain against Iraqis or Syrians, or even rival militants gives them an elevated standing in the eyes of locals.

They also kill a lot of people- estimates are that at least 500 Iraqis were murdered when they took Ramadi. That’s not counting the nearly 40,000 refugees that fled to Baghdad after the fall of the city. Obama’s laid back not-big-deal attitude is a recipe for failure.

US Military could help- if Obama would let them

An op-ed in the Washington Post by two military researchers stated:

“Even at this stage, however, the Islamic State remains unable to stand against even a limited deployment of U.S. military forces if those forces are properly resourced and allowed to operate against the enemy. A few thousand additional combat troops, backed by helicopters, armored vehicles and forward air controllers able to embed with Iraqi units at the battalion level, as well as additional Special Forces troops able to move about the countryside, would certainly prevent further gains. They could almost certainly regain Ramadi and other recently lost areas of Anbar, in cooperation with local tribes. They might be able to do more.” Kimberly  Kagan, The Institute for the Study of  War and  Frederick Kagan, Critical Threats project at American Enterprise Insitute

The following video is a Fox News interview with Navy SEAL Kevin Lacz regarding the territory gain by ISIS.


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