ISIS Attack in Syria – Over 200 Dead

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An ISIS attack in southwestern Syria on Wednesday killed 215 people, and injured at least 75. The combination of suicide attacks and an ISIS offensive that moved from village to village, slaughtering entire families was hard to comprehend. The attacks began simultaneously between 3:50 am and 4:30 a.m. local time in the provincial capital of Sweida.

“They attacked homes in a coordinated attack. They knocked on doors, and then entered the homes and killed people in there. A lot of victims fell before any bullet was fired because they were going into the homes and slaughtering people silently, at dawn, without anyone being aware.” Ahed Mrad, a journalist from Sweida (Suwaida)

Prior to the war, the region around Sweida was home to a population of Druze, a region that had largley stayed out of the war, according to The Guardian.


Reuters reported that two suicide bombers detonated their vests in two separate districts, and two others were killed before they were able to detonate their explosives. It was reported that the jihadists kidnapped some of the residents of the villages they attacked.

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