Is Syria’s Assad Regime About to Collapse?

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As ISIS continues its march across Syria, news out of Israel says that Assad’s grip on the country is about to collapse.

According to the experts, Assad only controls about 30% of Syria at this time, and with the recent ISIS victory at Palmyra, his grip on the country has been seriously loosened.

assad regime

Assad’s regime is struggling – will it fall? EPA photo

A well respected Israeli foreign affairs expert, Ehud Ya’ari, says that Assad’s fight has come down to the reality that he doesn’t have enough troops or time to fight all of the five fronts that have opened up in the battles.

Some experts in the US say that Assad’s fall will be a good thing, others believe it will result in anarchy and chaos. The rebel groups, or ISIS, or Al-Qaeda…which will come out on top? The fate of Syria depends on that outcome, expert opinions aside. If ISIS or Al-Qaeda gain control…it’s pretty much over to be a nation.

“De Facto, the Syrian army has ceased to exist.” IDF Chief of staff Major General Yair Golan

Arutz Sheva stated,

The Syrian army is fighting on five fronts, according to Yaari:

  • Haska: ISIS is attacking the northeastern provincial city and is only 5 kilometers away from it.
  • Aleppo: the largest Syrian city is under attack by both ISIS and the rebels. ISIS has taken control of the supply route that leads to Turkey, in the northwestern part of Syria.
  • Homs: rebels are attacking the city that has been dubbed ‘the Capital of the Revolution’
  • Druze Mountain: ISIS are at the outskirts of the plateau next to the border with Jordan.
  • Daraa: the ‘capital of the south,’ next to the Jordanian border, is coming under heavy rebel attack.

Even with Iran’s assistance, Assad’s forces are struggling. For its part, Iran’s Rouhani has stated they will stand with Syria until “the end of the road.” Russia, who has an agreement with Syria, seems to have disappeared from the scene, and is reluctant to get involved in the fighting. That ‘end of the road’may be getting closer.


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