Is an Ohio High School Teaching Kids to Hate the President?

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A note tacked up at Sylvania Southview High School in Sylvania, Ohio, has parents and students riled up. We have been told it was placed there by the school, even though it is signed “Your Fellow Student.”

In typical liberal fashion, it couches Trump hate in words like “love” and uses terms that  divide rather than unify. Saying things like “We will all get through this together” is a clear indication of where the writer was coming from.  Fear him…hate him…expect the worst. The left’s view of everything President Trump says and does.

It reads:

Dear undocumented students:

In this school there are no walls, you belong here and you are loved. 

Dear black students:

In this school your life matters, you are loved.

Dear Muslims students and people of Middle Eastern descent:

We know you are not terrorists, and you are loved.

Dear Mexican students:

We know you are not rapists and drug dealers. You are loved.

Dear female students:

Men cannot grab you, men will respect you, demand it. You are loved.

Dear LGBTQ and others:

You are perfect just as you are. You are loved.

Dear ALL students:

We will get through this. Today, this month, this year. And the next 4 years. We are all valued in this community. You are all loved. 


Your fellow student


Divisive Message

Twisting the minds of high school students or any others is wrong. Creating an atmosphere of  division and anti-Trump hate is a poor way of teaching students.

Students across the nation should be taught to respect others, not be pushed toward more division. Where are the AMERICANS in this note? Why aren’t all of these groups AMERICANS first? We are being herded into separate groups and divided instead of united.

The writer of the note does not seem to understand the consequences of division, or of coddling students who are supposedly freaked out by events beyond their control.

But disagreement is different than indoctrination… and this note is filled with liberal propaganda.


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