Iran’s Parliament Hit by Terror Attack

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Islamist attackers hit Iran’s Parliament building and a suicide bomber struck the Mausoleum of the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran, leaving at least 12 dead, and dozens more injured. ISIS has claimed responsibility. It is unclear if the death toll includes the attackers. It is the first attack on Iran by ISIS, and the first terror attack in Tehran in 7 years. The attackers were said to be dressed as women.

12 dead, another 39-50  injured

One attacker at the Parliament building blew himself up on the 4th floor. Three others raided the Parliamentary offices inside the complex, one with a pistol and two others with AK-47s. Those three were killed by Iranian security forces.

Police snipers were deployed on the rooftops of the parliamentary buildings, and all businesses in the area were shuttered. Helicopters circled the area and all phone lines were disconnected.

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ISIS released a video of the attack as it was taking place inside the parliament building. According to Fox,

…it “shows a gunman and a bloody, lifeless body of a man lying on the ground next to a desk. A voice on the video praises God and says in Arabic: “Do you think we will leave? We will remain, God willing.” Another voice repeats the same words. The two appeared to be parroting a slogan used by IS spokesman Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, who was killed in Syria last year.”

The Ayatollah Khomeini was Iran’s first hard line leader of the Islamic revolution. Al-Jazeera called the attack on the tomb of the Ayatollah “stunning.”  What is the agenda – so close after  President Trump met with Saudi Arabia?

Iran is primarily Shi’ite Muslim, ISIS is Sunni. When the attack was over, Parliament members returned to their meeting, saying only that the terrorist attack was a “minor issue.” They calmly stated the terrorists were dealt with “swiftly.” It’s almost too nonchalant. The Iranian government and Revolutionary Guard immediately blamed Saudi Arabia for the attack and vowed revenge.

iran's parliament

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