Iranian vessels force USS Firebolt to change course

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In the 4th such incident in a month, and the 31st incident in a year, Iranian vessels harassed a US ship (this time, the USS Firebolt) enough to force it to change course in the Strait of Hormuz.

uss firebolt

A starboard side view of US Navy CYCLONE CLASS Coastal Defense Ship USS Firebolt (PC 10) Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

The Daily Mail Reported,

Pentagon spokesman Captain Jeff Davis said the Iranian vessel sailed directly in front of the USS Firebolt, forcing the 174ft U.S. ship to change course.

The incident began when seven Iranian ships ‘harassed’ the Firebolt, Davis said.

A U.S. Defense official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the interaction was ‘unsafe and unprofessional due to lack of communications and the close-range harassing maneuvering,’ adding that uncovered and manned weapons were seen on the Iranian vessel.

The U.S. ship tried to communicate with the Iranian ship by radio three times but received no response.

uss firebolt

Iranian vessels have been harassing US ships

Iran is a bully, and bullies need to be dealt with in a special manner

The fear of confrontation is driving this rule of engagement that says the Navy can’t respond and must move away. B.S.
The only way to stop a bully like Iran is to give them a bloody nose. They already hate us. They already shout “Death to America” every chance they get. They already got concessions in the nuclear deal that may very well give them the bomb right under our noses.
Obama’s weakness has driven this situation, and his releasing of money to them made it worse.
First, fire warning shots. If they don’t back off (but they will as they did when the USS Squall fired three warning shots across their bow earlier in August).
But if they don’t, either shoot them out of the water or drive that ship right into the middle of their little boats. I guarantee they will move. They will whine, cry, bitch, moan and call us even worse names than they already do.
America is being bullied. We must stand up for ourselves or continue to be the brunt of everyone’s dangerous moves.
“…the number of such incidents in recent weeks make it very hard for me to believe these are not sanctioned by higher authority within Iran…” Kenneth Pollock, Brookings Institute, former CIA/White House official.
On Tuesday, one of our writers reminded us that Obama’s legacy of weakness actually propagates this kind of behavior.
So if I sound like  a “warmonger” so be it. I hate bullies.

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