Iranian National Found Near Mar-a-Lago with Knives and Cash

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Palm Beach, Florida – An Iranian national was arrested about 4 miles from President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort on Saturday. Masoud Yareilzoleh was carrying a machete, a pickax, two knives, and $22,000 in cash. He was arrested after a suspicious person call.

Washington Examiner reported,

Officers responded to a call at around 9:30 a.m. about a suspicious person in Bradley Park, which is northeast of the Flagler Memorial Bridge, according to Palm Beach Police Department public information officer Michael Ogrodnick.

They arrested a man named Masoud Yareilzoleh on a charge related to a concealed weapons violation, Ogrodnick told the Washington Examiner. In addition to two knives, a machete, and pickax, police, found the man to have $22,000 and a passport showing he is an Iranian national in the U.S. legally…

Police searched Yareilzoleh’s vehicle after the arrest. It had been parked at the Palm Beach International Airport. He is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail as the investigation continues.

Iranian national not the only one

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort has been the target of several strange incidents, one was  Monday night as police were summoned for an unspecified incident. Two Chinese nationals were arrested after breaching the security gate: Jing Lu, 56, in December, and Yujing Zhang, 33, in November. Zhang was sentenced to time served for trespassing.

One night, a Marine veteran who was dishonorably discharged for sex offenses purported himself to be a federal law enforcement officer and was arrested after breaching the President’s airport security.

Police say they are unsure of his motive, but the hint comes with an $80 Million bounty placed on President Trump’s head by Iran. Was the $22,000 a down payment? The President has not been at the resort when these incidents occurred. He and Melania departed the resort on Sunday.

In spite of the flood of foreigners trying to get on the grounds or being armed to the teeth, it’s highly unlikely that any of them would actually get close to the President.

Featured photo: screenshot via CBS


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