Iranian Diplomacy: Tweet a Pic of Obama with Gun to His Head

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We signed a nuclear deal with a nation that chants “Death to America” on a constant basis. But that is just the tip of the iceberg after the Ayatollah Khamenei tweeted a picture of Obama with a gun to his own head on Saturday. So what is the message?

Iranian diplomacy

The tweet came from an unofficial account that is widely accepted as belonging to the Ayatollah. It quoted from a July 18 speech made by the Ayatollah in which he stated that Iran’s policies toward the United States would not change.

It was also a controversial speech in that he gave it while in possession of  a Dragunov sniper rifle leaning against the podium in front of him. 

But the picture from Saturday  was new and featured a silhouette of Obama with at gun to his own head. Were they telling him to kill himself? 

The real message

The message from the Ayatollah’s tweet on Saturday may not be just the standard “wish us all dead.” What if they are saying to Barack Obama personally that he will wish he could kill himself after this deal gives Iran all the money to increase terrorism around the globe? 

The deal releases frozen assets to the nation who is the number 1 sponsor of terrorism in the world. It will allow them to finish up their  nuclear bomb, as well as divvy up the money to all their buddies who have not been paid for a very long time: their own army, Hezbollah, and other radical Shi’ite Islamic groups worldwide.

When that floodgate flings open fully, some very bad things are likely to occur. 


  • mike davies

    Put Mr Kerry on a fast plane right back to the treaty table. You tear up that treaty in a very public way, and you tell them, "so much for your honor and now let us show you how we feel about you bitch. Bring it on DONKEY BANGER!"

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