Iran Protests: The People vs the Ayatollahs

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The Iran protests began as statements against high prices and corruption, but quickly spiraled into Anti-Regime protests. They chanted that the clerics should be ashamed. They changed the normal “death to America” chant to tell the clerics to “let go of our country.” One woman chanted “death to Khamenei” in front of police forces and the crowd chanted with her. The government planned pro-government rallies for Saturday. Will it just make the people angrier?

“We don’t want to be ruled by clerics anymore!

In Western Iran, police beat up the protesters, in other areas they were arrested. But the depth of this protest is amazing to behold. Protesters even pushed back against police in some areas when they attempted to arrest one of their own.

The State Department expressed support for the peaceful protesters, strongly condemning their arrests.

Iran, 1970s

Iran 2017

A nation once westernized, growing, with a strong economy, was taken over by radical Islamists in 1979. Women’s rights vanished. Education went dark. The Ayatollahs became the supreme rulers and the “president” only a figurehead.

The militants began an international campaign of terror, funding extremist groups like Hezbollah across the globe. They arrested people who were simply visiting their Iranian relatives, throwing them in the darkest most brutal prisons. Their economy has been a disaster and prices are out of control…where did all those millions of dollars we gave them go? Into terror, military buildup, the IRGC…but not to the people.

And the people are fed up. Even some students at Kharazmi University of Tehran have reportedly joined the protests. In 2009, then President Obama bashed the protesters. The Trump administration supports them. Can there actually be a regime change?


Featured photo via Twitter of brave woman who placed her compulsory hijab on a stick. That photo has been retweeted hundreds of times or more.

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