Iran Nuclear Deal May Be Dead – They Lied, and There is Proof

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threw a major rock in the wheels of the Iran Nuclear Deal on Monday. It appears there is now evidence that Iran has been aggressively pursuing their heavy nuke program in spite of Obama’s famous nuclear deal. They lied, and Israel has proof. Netanyahu brief the US and European allies on the new evidence prior to his statement.

The Iran deal has come under fire by President Trump, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is currently in the Middle East, meeting with Saudi Arabia’s King and Crown Prince, as well as Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu about the danger from Iran. Trump has only until May 12 to dump the deal or leave it. With this new evidence, it is likely to be dropped. As it should be.

In a televised statement to the nation, Netanyahu revealed on Monday that operatives from Israel smuggled out physical 100,000 documents related to CURRENT nuclear plans by Iran. In other words….they lied from the beginning of the nuclear deal. Either Obama was complicit in the lies, or he was duped by Iran.


Lies Lies and more Lies

The Daily Wire reported,

“On Monday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced to the world that Israel had carried out a stunning intelligence operation: their agents had smuggled tens of thousands of physical documents about Iran’s nuclear program out of Iran itself. Those “half a ton” of documents demonstrate Iran’s ongoing nuclear program, and the fact that the Obama administration lied constantly and repeatedly to the public about Iran’s newfound moderation in order to scam the public into approving Obama’s Iran nuclear deal — a deal that allowed Iran to maximize its regional power with income from the West.”

In other words, as soon as they signed the agreement, Iran ramped up its efforts to create nuclear bombs, and worked even harder to conceal those efforts by moving the secret files to a secret location unknown not accesible to prying eyes. Known as “Project Amad,” Iran was brazenly lying the entire time about not having a nuclear program, or pursuing a “peaceful program.” They intended to create missiles with warheads capable of destroying Israel and anyone else in their way.

“The nuclear deal is based on lies. 100,000 files right here prove that they lied…Iran continues to lie…The nuclear deal gives Iran a clear path to an atomic arsenal.” Benjamin Netanyahu

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