Iran Exploited Our Sailors (videos)

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Iran Exploited our Sailors

Our sailors were captured by a hostile nation, their commander apologized for intruding in their waters, our female sailor was forced to wear a hijab.  From our government’s perspective, Iran is just another nice nation that is willing to help in times of need. That is a crock.

Our own government sold them out

According to Rep Louie Gohmert, R-TX, John Kerry and Ashton Carter  notified the Iranian government that our boat was having problems and asked them to help.

Wait, ASKED THEM TO HELP?  Yes our own government notified the Iranians of our boat problem and asked them to help. So how did Iran respond to such a gracious request?

Did they greet the 9 men and 1 woman with ‘oh, so sorry to hear of your troubles’? No, they forced them to their knees at gunpoint with their hands behind their heads.


Screenshot from Iranian video

They claimed we were “snooping.” They demanded an apology. They used a video to show off the capture for propaganda purposes. Rather than just towing the boats in for repair, as a “friendly” nation would have done, they boarded and seized them at gunpoint along with the sailors, and held them for 16 hours.

“It was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize for our mistake. It was a misunderstanding. We did not mean to go into Iranian territorial water. The Iranian behavior was fantastic while we were here. We thank you very much for your hospitality and your assistance.” U.S. Sailor commanding the Riverine boats.

His definition of “fantastic” and ours are two way different things.


Screenshot from Iranian video

Some “Help.”

The men may have been having a good time, smiling and laughing,  but there is one person who was not: our female sailor. Look at her face in the picture. They forced her to wear the Muslim hijab, a sign of submission to Islam. It is indoctrination, there is no way around it.

 iran exploited

Screenshot from Iranian video – take a good look at her expression.

Obama rules- what has he done to the military?

The Obama administration the most ridiculous policies for the military in the history of America. Don’t step on any toes. Don’t say anything to make someone mad. Do what they tell you. Do everything their way. Whatever they want we give them, even if it means prosecuting our own soldiers for “crimes” they did not commit.

“[There was] no reason for a small vessel to be out that far and especially without escorting ships around it…Either the naval leadership put these sailors in an impossible situation or the sailors are professionally incompetent.” Chris Harmer, Former Director of Future Operations of the Navy’s 5th Fleet

The Iranians may have yielded some limited intelligence information from the boats- things such as maps, charts, documents and communications/radar equipment. According to some Navy Commanders, the sailors should have been able to disable any electronics information that was classified. If they didn’t, one stated, it would be another “failure.”


Prisoners of War-  hostility, exploitation, indoctrination, collecting intelligence…

So is Iran a hostile nation or not? Was this a situation where our sailors should have caved in or stood firm in defense of their boats? Look once again at the female sailor’s face and ask the inevitable question – was her expression the result of Obama’s policies or intimidation by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard?

The hijab is indoctrination. The seizure of the boat at gunpoint is indicative of a hostile nation, not a friendly one. Did they obtain any useful intelligence from the boats? If they did, that’s another problem. The use of a video is akin to celebration of victory, a propaganda tool used to exploit them for what happened.

This generation of military is being taught things that will only cause these kinds of situations again and again.  For the U.S. Military, being “nice” is not the way to show strength or purpose.

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