Iran Crackdown Leaves Hundreds of Unarmed Protesters Dead

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The Iran crackdown has left hundreds of unarmed protesters dead and they say the Quran tells them they can kill thousands more. The government even blocked the internet for a week, as thousands of protesters  set fire to government buildings and symbols of the Ayatollah. It began against fuel rationing a couple of weeks ago, but now people are angry over corruption, the entire economy, and other issues.

“God is very strict with those who cause fitna, disrupt public security, and endanger people’s lives, property, and family honor. The punishment for aggressors who wage war against Allah is the harshest of all Islamic punishments. The expectation is that threat will be turned into an opportunity and that society will be cleansed of the lowlifes, savages, and criminals. God willing, the divine justice that extends from the sleeve of our law enforcement and legal system will catch them and take quick measures so that this will please the public. Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! Khamenei is the Leader! Death to those who oppose the Rule of the Jurisprudent! Death to America! Death to England! Death to the hypocrites and infidels! Death to Israel!” Ali Akbari (according to a translation provided by MEMRI)

The New York Times reported on the Iran crackdown:

“Altogether, from 180 to 450 people, and possibly more, were killed in four days of intense violence after the gasoline price increase was announced on Nov. 15, with at least 2,000 wounded and 7,000 detained, according to international rights organizations, opposition groups and local journalists.”

The largest attack on the protesters occurred against mostly unarmed young men in a sugar cane field in Mahshahr, according to the Daily Wire. The Revolutionary Guard surrounded from 40 to 100 protesters and massacred them there.

The Iranian government is claiming that the Quran says they can kill up to 10,000 of those who disrupt the country.

MEMRI reported.

“In the interview, [Abolfazl] Bahrampur said that according to the Quran, the punishment for protesters should be slaughtering, which is death in agony or chopping off their hands and feet on alternate sides of their bodies. He continued to say that the punishment must be carried out in public and in the place where the crimes were committed and they must be crucified as well, in order to serve as a deterrent for ‘the people who wait behind the scenes for America’s orders’. He said that killing 10,000 of the protesters would not be an exaggeration.”

Iranians are disarmed, and only the Revolutionary Guard has weapons. The massive unrest was triggered after the government announced rationing for the nation’s fuel, likely a result of the sanctions imposed on the Islamist regime. Human rights groups are saying the current level of violence against protesters – their own citizens – is unprecedented.

This video from DW, a German news source, covers a wide view of the protests:

This video contains leaked footage from the protests:

Featured photo: screenshot via DW


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