Iowa Dollar General – Almost a Gunfight in the Toilet Paper Aisle

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Now that we’re calmly handling our stay-at-home orders and finally have some toilet paper…wait, I take that back. Two men pulled guns over toilet paper in an Iowa Dollar General Store on Tuesday.

Swiowanessource reported,

Officials were called to the business that day after a call came in that involved a male displaying a weapon, and those involved said the incident started when one individual gave the other party grief over the amount of personal products being purchased. This lead to an argument between the two that escalated to a point where one of the subjects displayed a weapon.

Upon reviewing the incident and the store video, the County Attorney determined that Jeptha Vestal, 45, of Atlantic, was the initial aggressor and that he acted in a manner that would cause a reasonable person to feel threatened with imminent violence. The County Attorney further determined that the individual who displayed the gun was acting within his rights under Iowa’s statutes regarding self-defense and defense of others. Fortunately, the situation quickly deescalated with no injuries. Vestal has been charged with disorderly conduct, a simple misdemeanor. The individual who displayed the gun was not charged with any crimes.

In fact, police found that both men pulled a gun in the Iowa Dollar General. The unidentified second man was not charged after pulling a gun because he did so in self-defense. Fortunately no one was harmed in this fiasco, but for crying out loud over toilet paper? The second man having a weapon may have helped to de-escalate the problem.

As these lockdowns continue, with people becoming more and more tense, craziness is likely to get worse. A shopper in the UK pulled a knife. A shopper in Australia had to be tasered. All because of toilet paper hoarding. Women have beaten each other up in the toilet paper aisle in this country as well.  A man got into a heated confrontation over the toilet paper policy in an Australian store and said that if the clerk were a man, he’d “smack her.” Across Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia, toilet paper  became a precious commodity as it flew off the shelves. Many stores began limiting the amount shoppers can buy. Even that caused problems. But it’s completely unknown why. Diarrhea is not a known symptom of Coronavirus. But lack of common sense certainly is.


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