Investigators: Man Training Children as School Shooters at New Mexico Muslim Camp; Remains Found

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Taos County, New Mexico: In court documents, it was revealed that Siraj Ibn Wahhaj was conducting weapons training at the squalid New Mexico Muslim camp where 5 adults were arrested with 11 malnourished children. The court affidavit said that Wahhaj was teaching children how to be school shooters. Adding to that, the remains of a boy were found by investigators who searched the premises, but at this time, positive identification has not been made. If you recall, investigators were looking for a 3 year old Georgia boy, Abdul-ghani Wahhaj at the time. You can read the original article at this link.


Top: L toR- Lucas Morten, Siraj Wahhaj- Bottom L to R- Hujrah Wahhaj, Jany Leveille, Subhannah Wahha. All 5 are charged with child abuse

Prosecutors requested that Wahhaj be held without bail, according to the Denver Channel. He was arrested last week with three females and another male in what was described as an “armed Muslim camp.” The boy they were looking for was not found among the captives, but it is widely suspected that his are the remains found…although that has NOT been confirmed.

One of the captive children told investigators that the defendant had “trained the child in the use of an assault rifle in preparation for future school shootings.” The compound even had its own shooting range.

The Sheriff stated that they were Muslim “extremists.”

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  • stevor

    were the trainers employees of the CIA or Halliburton, which trains terrorists?

  • RS

    this is outrageous,, ppl, Americans, out these evil muslims, ALL OF THEM, they cannot be trusted, filthy animals

  • Lori

    You do realize we have borders other than the one with Mexico. I honestly didn’t think there was a person that stupid. You have proven me wrong Eric O’Dell.

  • David Gates

    Yeah libs, lets improve life for people that want to kill our children ! U liberals all say the same crap, acting like ur sooo caring and tolerant for everybody..unless ur republican ! U think a little “kumbaya” with terrorists will change their hatred for americans. WTF is wrong with u ? Does Benghazi ring a bell ? These thugs killed one child…and want to kill more ! But hey, lets just be nicer…that outta do it !!…How freaking stupid are u ?? SMDH

  • Ron

    This is exactly why we need to keep closer track of some of the whack-o Islamist people and organizations, and also vet all Muslim immigrants very thoroughly..

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