Into the ‘Burbs’: Lake Oswego Targeted by Black Lives Matter/Antifa

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Yesterday at Lake Oswego, Oregon, Black Lives Matter/Antifa descended on shoppers and restaurant-goers to harass and guilt-shame them. The wealthy suburb of Lake Oswego is about 10 miles from downtown Portland, and has  population of about 86% white.

The “march” was organized by Demetria Hester, head of “Moms United for Black Lives,” another offshoot of the Marxist BLM. (Note the upraised fists” symbol from Socialist/Communist origin.) As people were trying to enjoy their Sunday afternoon by visiting a local restaurant,  the marchers harassed and mocked them.


Breitbart reported,

One of the Moms United for Black Lives carried a bullhorn and yelled at one man who was walking by: “Excuse me, Sir? Are you anti-racists? Can I get a Black Lives Matter?” He kept walking but it sounded like he answered, “Yes.”

She asked someone else, “How ’bout you?! Do Black Lives Matter?”

She then turned her sights on a woman sitting alone at a restaurant table on the corner.

The protesters surrounded the woman and mocked her as she recorded them with her phone. One of them said, “Damn! She’s super anxious!”

They asked her her name, and added, “Does your kid go to LO (Lake Osweg0) High? Do your kids go to LO High? Do they go to LO High?”

“Are they judgmental like you?” they continued.

They ridiculed the clearly uncomfortable woman saying, “Look how miserable you look! Look how miserable she looks!” someone else taunted.

The woman sat there filming but never said a word.

The same protester kept repeating, “Do you teach them to be racist too? Do you teach your kids to be racist?!”

She added, “Or do they try to teach you not to be f*cking racist? And yet you are still here being f*cking racist, Right!?”

“Do Black Lives Matter to you?!” they demanded.

Then they asked, “Do you have nothing to say?! Nothing at all!” they all chimed in.

One of them continued, “Oh, my f*cking flash guys. Like. Oh.My.God. Like I am so miserable right now!” one of them mocked.

One of the women who stood right in front of her table and mocked her was White.

The crowd of marchers told a few counter protesters that showed up with Trump flags, “This isn’t your city.”

BLM is made up of primarily white wannabe social justice warriors. BLM is run by three Black lesbian Communists, one of whom has close ties to the Chinese Communist Party, according to Trevor Loudon in his latest video.  Antifa, with whom they have often partnered, is a communist anarchist organization. All are bent upon destroying this country.

So, as Jake Jordan stated in his tweet above, “Be Ready and Stand Strong.”  BLM/Antifa coming soon to a neighborhood near you.


Featured photo: screenshot of woman being harasssed by BLM via Twitter @KittyLists (Kitty Shackleford)


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