Insubordination! Trump Fires Acting AG Left Over From Obama

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When Sally Yates, the “acting” Attorney General, openly defied the President by saying she would not defend his immigration orders, he didn’t waste any time: he fired her.

You’re FIRED!

Yates was a hold-over from the Obama Administration, and obviously never once paid any attention to what that President did during his 8 year term. Nor does she have any concept of historical actions of any presidents. So should she have been fired? YES.

Trump appointed Dana Boente as her replacement until Congress releases Jeff Sessions.

First, the Attorney General serves at the pleasure of the President. She was left in there after Obama moved on, which was probably a bad idea anyway.  There was still an alligator in the swamp.

Left lies

So, Sally, let’s go over some of the lies being spread by the mainstream media and leftists:

“The “seven countries” targeted by President Trump’s  January 27th, 2017 executive order on immigration were not mentioned by name and instead originated with “countr[ies] or area[s] of concern” first identified in the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 (expanded to all seven countries “of concern” in February 2016).”

In other words, the list came from an Obama list. The Trump administration did not include ALL Muslim countries.. The only country listed by name in his order is Syria – because refugees from Syria are sometimes ISIS connected due to the situation in that nation. They either had forged or little documentation. If even one slips through, the damage can be catastrophic, which has been borne out time and time again in Europe.

The Trump administration left it open to add more if necessary.

It’s NOT a Muslim ban! 

Not that these leftists can even hear that statement in the frenzy they’re in.

Is it legal? 

Obama banned immigration from Iraq for 6 months in 2011, nearly twice as much as Trump has done, because of two terrorists who came to the US and settled in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Was that “legal?”

What’s that, Sally? Crickets? Where were you back them to say anything?



At this point no one is thinking clearly, but then leftists never think clearly, they just react stupidly. Sally Yates is a case in point.

If she were a decent attorney, she would know about these:


Then there are people like Chuck Schumer and his fake tears, choke choke, who just thinks the whole thing is “mean spirited and un-American.” Well, gee, Chucky, what about the time you and Hillary and Obama advocated removing Gadhafi from leadership in Libya, which set in motion an entire path to war in the Middle East. AND gave rise to ISIS. That was pretty “mean-spirited and un-American” as well.


That’s not counting immigration bans by other presidents using executive actions. Were those legal, Sally? In actuality, the only reason these people are complaining is because it’s Donald Trump. They spoke not a word when Obama did it.

Goodbye, Sally Yates and good riddance.


Screenshots all from a video by Prison Planet.


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