Indiana State Teacher’s Association Demands Law to Protect Them From Being Shot With Airsoft Pellets During Active Shooter Training.

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Active shooter training at Meadowlawn Elementary School in Monticello, Indiana often involved being shot with airsoft pellets to simulate what an active shooter situation was like. But some of the teachers who were shot with the pellets complained that it “hurt.” Now the Sheriffs says they won’t be doing that any more. Not good enough. The Indiana State Teacher’s Association wants a law to prevent it added to HB 1004.

HB 1004 is the School Safety Bill. It reads in part:

“School safety. Provides that the Indiana safe schools fund may not be used to provide grants to employ a school resource officer or a law enforcement officer. Provides that an Indiana secured school fund matching grant may be used to employ a law enforcement officer. Provides that an accredited nonpublic school may receive a grant from the Indiana secured school fund (fund). Makes changes to the maximum grant amounts that a school corporation, charter school, accredited nonpublic school, or
coalition of schools may receive from the fund.”

The ISTA wants language added to that says “teachers aren’t harmed” during the course of active shooter training.

“Welts and bruises” – they must have a law to prevent those nasty police officers from teaching people a lesson. They think that’s bad, they should all have to take Taser or Pepper Spray training. Police officers often have to take such training. The teachers stated, “We aren’t police officers.” No kidding.

Bill Brooks, White County Sheriff, stated that they have done that training numerous times in the past and had no complaints.

“They all knew they could be [shot]. It’s a shooting exercise.
It’s a soft, round projectile. The key here is ‘soft’…
We were made aware that one teacher was upset.
And we ended it.” Sheriff Bill Brooks to the
Indianapolis Star

But now it’s a rallying cry for the left. How dare they shoot the teachers “execution style.” In a real active shooter situation with real bullets, without reacting, all of the complainers along with their students could die. All of the participants in the training were given paintball masks as protection: which presupposes them going to get shot. So saying they “never knew” is false.

The training is called ALICE. It’s an options based training that gives teachers ideas for responding during an active shooter situation. According to the IndyStar, the shooting of the airsoft guns isn’t generally part of the training, but two of the teachers said they still completed the training because it was “helpful.”

Featured photo: Facebook screenshot via Meadowlawn elementary teacher training

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  • David Bryan

    I used to get shot with airsoft pellets every other weekend. This was for recreation. It was all in good fun. If had kids that went to this school, I’d pull them out because the teachers don’t seem to want to learn how to protect children.

  • Cap

    Ii agree. Winder what demams they’d want if it was a real situation. Never heard so much whining.

  • Jon

    Typical leftie propaganda in a way it’s a type of psychological warfare the left is good at with media social media platforms etc, they will always disagree with common sense.

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